CoderCamp? New event for Hamilton developers on June 7th

Since early 2011 a bunch of great events have come out of the Hamilton technology community. Grassroots initiatives like Software Hamilton and Open Hamilton have organized events like DemoCampHamilton, StartupDrinks, and Random Hacks of Kindness. Government-funded organizations like Mohawk College and Innovation Factory have organized events like AppsForHealth, Innovation Nights and Lion’s Lair. Each event fills a different gap in the Hamilton technology community, and strengthens the community in a different way in the process. StartupDrinks is a nice and casual social event, DemoCampHamilton let’s us show each other what we’ve built and learn from each other in the process, and Innovation Nights let us pitch what we are planning to build.

One thing I think there is a fair bit of demand for is a more “skill-building” or “software developer and code-focused” event. Something where local developers can learn techniques and technologies from one another in a casual setting. I met for a few drinks with Brian Graham (@BrianJGraham) and Matt Grande (@mattgrande) a couple weeks ago to talk about getting such an event off the ground. BarCamp is one event format that has been talked about.

I don’t think what we have planned is a BarCamp specifically, but we’re certainty looking to start off a participant-driven unconference in a similar spirit to a BarCamp. CoderCamp? DevCamp? All kinds of lightweight “Camp” events with different formats have sprouted up all over to serve different purposes – perhaps this is another. Whatever we call it, we want to meet regularly to talk about code, to learn from each other, and get better in the process. We want you to come and talk, and share what you know as well.

Where: Radius Cafe [] – 151 James Street South Hamilton, Ontario [google map]
Date: Thursday June 7th 2012
Rough Agenda:

6:30pm – 7:00pm – Casual meet in the 1st floor of Radius, grab a drink
7:00pm – 8:00pm – Go to the 2nd floor of Radius, Brian and Matt will give their talks
8:00pm – 9:00pm – Open for more talks and discussion, when to meet next, and who will speak about what next time we meet

Brian will talk about cool stuff you can do with bitwise operations, including a bit about their origins, when to use them and when not to use them. Matt is going to talk about RavenDB, a document based data store for .Net. Matt will start with a brief intro to document DBs, why you would use them, then some code samples and such.

If you’re a software developer in the area looking to learn from other software developers, we hope you come by on June 7th and participate! You can expect a couple interesting talks and some good company that evening.

We really appreciate Radius Cafe letting us use the 2nd floor of their place to host this meeting. Radius is an excellent Cafe that opened up on James South not too long ago, it’s a perfect place for getting work done when you feel like getting out of the house or apartment. If you haven’t been there before, I suggest trying their Quiche in particular, it’s delicious!


  • Bouchg

    Hi! I am a 4th year Mac student in Civil engineering… I’ve taken 1st year programming but I’ve always wanted to learn to program better. I think it would be amazing if people like yourselves set up an actual “programming camp” for adults. Maybe some sort of event where you can come with a simple program that you want to develop and you can get help from advanced programmers over a few weeks. Just a thought! Have fun at your event :)