Hamilton Map App name and logo contest for students

McMaster, Columbia International College and Mohawk students have a chance to win $250 in gift certificates for downtown businesses by simply submitting a name and logo for an exciting new mobile app that will highlight jobs, events, accommodations and transportation in downtown Hamilton.

Designed by Hamilton-based Weever Apps, the Hamilton Map App is the result of a partnership between The City of Hamilton, McMaster University, Columbia International College, Mohawk College and Weever Apps.

“The application keeps our young people in touch with the pulse of the city and will encourage growth,” says Gisela Oliveira, Employment Service Coordinator with the Student Success Centre. “It’s an opportunity for students to educate other students about Hamilton’s hidden gems.”

The contest runs from August 24 to September 9. Participants are asked to submit an app name and a 64 by 64 pixel logo in png or jpg format to Hamilton Map App Contest. The first, second and third prize winners will be announced on Sept 11. The creator of the winning submission will receive $250 from local businesses in the downtown, coverage from Hamilton media and a feature in a promotional video for the app. The second place winner will be awarded a gift certificate for his or her campus bookstore and the third place winner will receive a free mobile app from Weever Apps.

The app will be available to students during Welcome Week (September 1 to 9) and will focus on a downtown pilot area from the Escarpment to Bayfront Park and from Wentworth to Dundurn Street. Users will have access to job postings, coupons from local businesses and discounts for local events such as concerts. They will also be able to pin locations on the app and obtain directions and bus route information, making exploring Hamilton easier and more interactive.



The awarded winner of the design contest will earn bragging rights for creativity and originality on a first-ever collaborative initiative between educational institutions and the city. As well, some sweet prize giveaways up for grabs. Here’s what you can win:

1st Place – Gift certificates with value of $250 from local businesses in the downtown core, coverage Hamilton media institutions and a feature in a promo video for the app.

2nd Place – Gift certificate from the winner’s campus bookstore.

3rd Place – Free mobile app from Weever Apps.


Rules for Participation

  • Students submitting entries must be enrolled at participating institutions including McMaster University, Columbia International College and Mohawk College
  • The logo must be relevant to the identity of Hamilton and the app’s features
  • Logo can be submitted as a team or by a single individual’s efforts


Full contest details here!


  • Chris
  • Shawna Daigle

    If you’re running a contest to promote students finding jobs in Hamilton why are you holding a “Logo Contest”. Does that not go against everything this app is preaching? You’re asking for hundreds of free commissions that you will have full rights to without having to pay anyone a dime. This is Spec work. A $250 gift certificate does not even close to compensate your designer. Maybe you should take the first step in helping Hamiltonian students prosper by actually giving someone a chance to design you a real logo for real money rather than blatantly crowd sourcing from these vulnerable students.

  • Steve McBride

    You guys are kidding right?  There is no budget for a logo, it is fun to design a logo and we will return all rights to any logo not used.  

  • Steve, I think they are very serious. There are threads about this on FB. You are saying that there is no budget? I think people would find that hard to believe. “Hamilton-based Weever Apps, the Hamilton Map App is the result of a partnership between The City of Hamilton, McMaster University, Columbia International College, Mohawk College and Weever Apps”  The value of a logo is huge. It is the first thing people will see before even buying the app (assuming you are selling it for profit)  Would you guys design a few apps for me, for free. I’ll pick the one I like, you can have bragging rights and I will give you $250 worth of guitar lessons. You can keep the other apps that I don’t pick, for your own use. Same thing. Really. I’m not trying to knock you down but man, this city loves it’s artists and they/we will support each other on things like this. Sincerely, Nathan

  • Steve McBride

    Hi Nathan, this is a FREE app.  We have a group of people meeting every week to plan the app we all feel will be great for the students of the city and local business.  Someone in the group had an idea that instead of having our designer draw a logo it would be fun to let the students give their input and name the app and also design the phone icon.  This was not a malicious decision to take work away from local professional logo designers, we just thought it would be fun and get the students involved.  In fact the contest is only open to students and so far it is going great with some awesome logo’s and app names.  I have always wanted to learn Guitar and I love the barter system so yes!  I will build you a free app if you teach me to play guitar.  

    • Hi Steve,  I believe you are sincere here and weren’t being malicious. Maybe the initial press release should have included this info you just told me (Free app, extended opportunity to the community rather than keeping it in house) , but how could you know it would have bent this way. So…what kind of guitar do you have 🙂

  • IKnowWhatImTalkingAbout

    For an aspect of your application that could potentially make or break it, you’d think you would want to invest a little more than just some gift certificates.  Good luck, I doubt you’ll find anybody with any decent skill in design work to submit something for such little incentive. 

  • Steve McBride

    First place is actually 4 tickets at Centre Ice for the Maple Leafs in the Stanley Cup Finals but we didn’t want to get flooded with entries so we are just keeping it quiet.