10 Reasons why you should participate in Hacking Health Toronto

Hacking Health (@hackinghealthca) debuts in Toronto at Mars Discovery District (MarsDD) (@MaRSDD) on October 19-22. Hacking Health is a weekend long “hackathon” style event in the classic hacker style. The motto for Hacking Health is that the event “aims to Bringing tech innovation to healthcare”. This is very much in line with our philosophy here at Mohawk College in the MEDIC Centre and with our AppsForHealth (@AppsForHealth) event, and therefore I am challenging you to participate in this awesome event (like I am!).

From their website: “Hacking Health brings together technological innovators with healthcare experts to build realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line healthcare problems.”

I’m going to give you 10 reasons why you should participate in this event like I am:

1. You need to get out of your basement and meet new people

Success requires collaboration. By attending this competition you will meet clinical, business and technical people that can change your life.

2. It’s an economic and social good

These solutions have the potential to create both economic value (read: money) and social value – the potential to make someone’s life better.

3. You will learn new ways to do things

No matter how advanced you are as a developer, I guarantee that you will learn about new frameworks, techniques, etc that you have never heard of before.

4. Meet smart & passionate people

One of the most satisfying aspects of work is meeting others who are passionate and brilliant. There will be lots of these types of people at this event.

5. Challenge yourself

You may be in a rut in your work/hobby tech life right now or maybe you’ve never looked at health apps before – why not push yourself to learn a new field – it only makes you better at what you do.

6. Show them that Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara hackers kick ass

I know there is a lot of tech talent in the golden horseshoe area — it’s time to show the Toronto community that there is great stuff happening beyond Trafalgar Road

7. You will learn something about healthcare

By working with clinicians you will learn which problems are the ones worth solving and potential ways to go about it.

8. If you have any inkling of starting up a company or participating in a start-up, MarsDD is just an awesome place to visit

enough said

9. Meet influencial people

Beyond clinicans there are financial backers and other influencers who can potentially make it rain for you in the future

10. Potentially make a difference

If your effort continues on, you have a shot at making a real difference in someone’s life.


To find out more check out : http://hackinghealth.ca/events/toronto/why-hacker or contact me directly at duane.bender@mohawkcollege.ca