Eventity launches to let you know what’s going on in Hamilton

Yesterday a new web app by Steve Veerman (@veerman) called Eventity (@Eventityca) launched! The web app is designed to help people discover what others are planning, doing, and recommending across the city. The web app merges event data from sources such as Facebook, Tourism Hamilton, Tourism Burlington, View Magazine, SNAP Hamilton, Hamilton News, and Kijiji into a common source. It’s really fun flipping through Eventity and seeing just how much activity there really is in Hamilton when you add it all up!



An app like this that highlights everything going on in Hamilton from all these sources at once isn’t just a great idea, it could be great for Hamilton too! People can’t attend events they don’t know about. Eventity could also let our neighbours in the GTA, Niagara and surrounding regions know just how much is going on here, and perhaps visit more often and hopefully bring their dollars with them in the process! There also seems to be a real demand, or at least interest, in this sort of technology as Hamilton Times has a similar goal of letting everyone know what’s going on in Hamilton. Steve mentioned during his demo of Eventity at DemoCampHamilton8 that he was looking for users and feedback, so please do give Eventity a spin and let him know what you think.

Check out Eventity.ca/hamilton


Kevin Browne

Editor of Software Hamilton.