Upcoming CIPS-GH talk – Working Environment of the Future

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 – 6-8pm

Mohawk College

Room – look for direction signs to the room

Fennell Campus, 135 Fennell Avenue West, (at the corner of West 5th St)
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L9C 1E9 – phone: (905) 575-1212
Map: <http://www.mohawkcollege.ca/maps-directions/fennell.html>

Parking instructions: Park in Visitors or General Parking (also indicated on the link) for $5


Working Environment of the Future

Availability, capability, and necessity of consumer level IT infrastructure have encouraged new virtual workplace environments to emerge and become acceptable in our professional lives. In this discussion, Eric will demonstrate how some companies are capitalizing on these new virtual workspaces to increase overall productivity, reduce costs, and manage the IT risks of allowing employees to work from home.


Eric Tisch, IT Coordinator in Governance and IT Compliance for Siemens Canada Ltd.
Eric Tisch is a core member of the Governance and IT Compliance group of Siemens Canada Ltd. Over his four-years of experience, Eric has trained well over 1,000 users on different types of virtual collaboration software and their dependant infrastructure. Currently, Eric is contributing to the office location consolidation project of Siemens Canada by providing such training sessions across Ontario.


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