Collaborators – GO Train – Toronto LSW Line



I am a commuter on the LSW GO Train line into Toronto. I have been looking to make better use of my time on the train. I am wondering if there are any like minded people that take the train that might be interested in using this time to collaborate on something.

I am a software engineer by trade and I am looking to co-ordinate train meet ups with others. I figure with close to 2 hours on the train a day, it would be an excellent opportunity to collaborate on something.


Matt Dalrymple is a software engineer interested in emergent technologies, RIA and hand held development. He can be found on Twitter: @mwdalrymple.


  • Steve

    That’s a cool idea! If I still took the train into Toronto I’d be up for that. 🙂

  • Ashwin Samtani

    Hello. I’m a co-op computer science student from McMaster working in Toronto and living in Hamilton. I generally take the 7:07am train from Aldershot to Union and return taking the 4:47 pm train.

    I have flexible hours so I might be able to match up with your schedule.

    I’d be interested in collaborating with something