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McMaster startup QReserve awarded $25k from OCE

QHamilton, Ontario, September 2, 2014 — McMaster University startup, QReserve Inc., is excited to be awarded $24,896 through Ontario Centres of Excellence’s (OCE) SmartStart program to introduce its publicly available research equipment database platform to universities and colleges across Canada.

“Every year, the federal and provincial governments invest millions of dollars in research tools and resources”, says QReserve Inc.’s CEO, Brandon Aubie. “This funding from OCE will help us help researchers and industry better utilize these resources. The QReserve platform works as a search engine for research equipment and we plan to bring it into university and college campuses across Ontario and the rest of Canada starting this fall.”

QReserve was founded in March of this year by McMaster University PhD graduate, Dr. Brandon Aubie, and McMaster University professors Dr. Fred Capretta and Dr. John Brennan. Their service provides universities and colleges with a turn-key research equipment database platform that is automatically connected with other institutions. This enables students, researchers and industrial users to discover and access resources across campuses and research institutions.

Dr. Capretta explains the impact QReserve’s resource database will have on Canadian researchers: “Obtaining funding for research gets harder and harder every year. So when a university purchases new equipment it’s more important than ever that it gets utilized to its full potential. With QReserve we’re helping people to find this equipment and encouraging collaborative use of existing resources. Bottom line is we’re trying to help research get done and save money at the same time.”

Their proof-of-concept platform was launched this summer at McMaster University containing nearly 300 pieces of equipment and research services and is quickly gaining traction. Aubie adds, “We’ve demonstrated a clear need for this service and are excited to add thousands of new resources for students, researchers and industrial users across the country to discover”.

QReserve is free to access at


About QReserve Inc.

QReserve Inc. was founded in 2014 at McMaster University with the aim of making research equipment and resources more accessible to students, faculty and industry. The company provides an open-access online platform for cataloguing and searching research equipment and services across university and college campuses and industrial research service providers. QReserve’s search platform integrates with existing university technology infrastructures to provide a turn-key internal institutional resource database that automatically integrates with other institutional databases. QReserve currently operates out of the McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario.

About Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Inc. (

Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) drives the commercialization of cutting-edge research to build the economy of tomorrow and secure Ontario’s global competitiveness. OCE fosters the training and development of the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs and is a key partner with Ontario’s industry, universities, colleges, research hospitals, domestic and foreign investors, and government ministries. A champion of leading-edge technologies, best practices, innovation, entrepreneurship and research, OCE invests in such areas as advanced health, information and communications technology, digital media, advanced materials and manufacturing, agri-food, aerospace, transportation, energy, and the environment including water and mining. OCE is a key partner in delivering Ontario’s Innovation Agenda as a member of the province’s Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), which helps Ontario-based entrepreneurs and industry rapidly grow their company and create jobs. Learn more at

3StyleAvenue rounds out mobile app development offering with Weever Apps

3sHamilton, Canada — (ReleaseWire) — 08/25/2014 – 3StyleAvenue Bespoke Digital Agency is now utilizing Weever Apps’ patented application framework to round out their digital solutions offering. With offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan, and with clients including Samsung and LG, 3StyleAvenue wanted to build out their end-to-end digital services by enhancing their focus on mobile solutions.

“Going Mobile is not an option anymore,” says Calvin Cai, Founder 3StyleAvenue, “and we want to be the best at translating digital experiences to the mobile landscape.” Currently over 50% of time spent on the Internet is through mobile devices and this is expected to increase to over 90% by 2017, according to

The Weever Apps framework helps agencies go from Concept-to-Demo-to-App in less time, so they can spend more time thinking about the solution and less time building it. The framework is used to develop apps in 65 countries and a total of 11 languages to date around the world.

“We love the flexibility of the Weever Apps solution,” explains Calvin. “We can develop and deploy web-based and published applications with very little effort. The functionality is all there, so we can spend our time more on strategy, design and shaping the user experience.”

The worldwide partnership will include expansion of Weever Apps’ platform into Asia through 3StyleAvenue’s client network. 3StyleAvenue will maintain the client relationship, including consultation and front-end design, while Weever Apps will provide back-end consultation, development and direct technical support.

With a focus on mobile use cases and architecture, 3StyleAvenue thrives on delivering seamless experience to help their client’s brands stand above others. Mobile development is another way 3StyleAvenue boosts client’s digital marketing presence. 3StyleAvenue works through a consultative process to understand client challenges and design mobile solutions that work to solve them.

“Our clients are realizing the power of mobile solutions,” concludes Calvin, “It’s helping them be more productive and efficient – and they’re seeing immediate results.”


About 3StyleAvenue

3StyleAvenue is a full service digital agency. Think strategy, innovation, marketing and media, but solely focused around online and the digital world. We believe that digital is at the forefront of commercial marketing and requires experts in the field to guide business’ forward.

Rather than just treat ‘online’ as an extension of your traditional marketing approach, 3StyleAvenue will help your business work for you with an approach specifically targeted towards online. The digital world is continuously evolving; 3StyleAvenue will ensure that your brand is at the forefront of this evolution and help you to drive leadership within your industry.

Rather than choose an agency that treats digital as a second priority, choose an agency where digital business is their core objective. True to our motto, “We build businesses, not just websites”.

Weever Apps: To learn more go to email or call 800-299-0623.

Andy Pritchard
Marketing Manager
906-630-7939 or 800-299-0623

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact
Andy Pritchard
Marketing Manager
Weever Apps
Telephone: 906-630-7939
Email: Click to Email Andy Pritchard

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Mabel’s Labels ROWE policy attracts national media attention



Last year Hamilton-based e-commerce firm Mabel’s Labels (@mabelhood) implemented a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) policy:



Since then the policy has attracted national media attention, in particular with Alex Pineda’s (@alexpineda77) working trip through Europe being cited as an example. If you haven’t seen it already, check out coverage of the ROWE policy in The Globe and Mail and CBC’s The Exchange with Amanda Lang:

Travel the world and still get a paycheque: The allure of a results-only workplace – The Globe and Mail

Results-only workplace – The Exchange with Amanda Lang


Weever Apps helps CFL PA save time and money with mobile forms

Hamilton, ON — (SBWIRE) — 07/18/2014 – The mobile forms app market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today because companies are realizing the inherent advantages of converting their paper forms to mobile forms. Keeping up with that trend can be a daunting task for many firms. Fortunately, business owners can now get up to speed quickly and affordably with the help of Weever Apps.

By helping clients to evolve from paperwork to mobile forms, Weever Apps can build productivity, accelerate “quote to cash” timelines and reduce errors – including the headaches they cause. Mobile Forms allow employees to enter information into a form using any mobile device and, because they are using a tablet instead of paper, they can add pictures, GPS locations, contact dispatch and more…

According to Steve McBride, co-founder and CEO of Weever Apps, businesses can experience many immediate benefits by switching to Weever Apps’ mobile forms. “In many cases, clients are simply looking for digitized versions of their paper forms,” he explains. “We like to think of that as an evolution rather than a revolution. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to realize exceptional business results. We like to think of our solution as the simplest-to-use on the market.”




Increased real-time data accuracy was particularly noticeable in one assignment Weever Apps put together for the Canadian Football League Players’ Association. Weever Apps developed an app for them that enabled players to use mobile forms to sign up with the league and arrange things like equipment sizes, guest appearances and medical clearances.

“The CFLPA Mobile app has exceeded my expectations.” says Susan Gordon, VP Sales & Marketing for the CFL Players Association. “It has had an immediate impact in improved efficiencies by integrating DocuSign signatures inside the mobile app, thereby reducing administrative work and giving players access to critical documents while traveling. We plan to further expand the number and type of forms for even more productivity benefits.”

McBride adds, “It really accelerated the process. With our apps, there’s no need for faxes or scanning that might require info to be retyped and result in mistakes.”

Weever Apps can develop mobile forms easily with its innovative mobile app software platform, which can integrate form data and DocuSign secure e-signatures from any mobile device. It can also incorporate a cloud database to securely store all the data that’s collected and provide it to admin users through a user-friendly account manager. Weever Apps’ patented technology is compatible with all touch phones and tablets including Apple, BlackBerry 10, Windows 8 and Android.

“We give our clients the ability to reduce paper but we also enable them to collect, manage and share data in real time on any device, wherever they happen to be.” says McBride.

Many business functions become a snap with the help of Weever Apps’ mobile forms. For example, some firms are heavily dependent on collections to achieve a stable cash flow. Without a dependence on paper, collections can now be done in a matter of hours – rather than weeks. Sales becomes a much easier process. When they’re out on the road, salespeople can easily access actionable data, such as price lists, while managers can track their location using GPS functionality.

Affordability is another big selling point. Weever Apps provides professional services app development as well as a monthly subscription service, which allows clients to build their own mobile forms without any programming experience and can be deployed the same day and at a minimal monthly subscription cost.

McBride concludes, “Our clients are starting to realize the power of mobile forms. It’s helping them be more productive and efficient. They’re seeing immediate results.”

For more information visit To contact directly email or call 1-800-299-0623.


About Weever Apps

Weever Apps is an innovative smartphone applications company headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Since it was first established in 2011, Weever Apps has developed apps for many large and medium-sized firms such as London Life, the City of Hamilton, Foresters Insurance, McMaster University and Allergan Canada. To date, clients in over 65 countries around the world use the Weever Apps platform to create their own apps.


Andy Pritchard
Marketing Manager
906.630.7939 or 1(800) 299-0623

CareGo charity golf tournament raises $22,700 for north-end neighbourhood

caregoHAMILTON, ONTARIO – CareGo’s 15th annual golf tournament raised $22,700 for programs and services provided by the Robert Land Community Association in Hamilton’s north-end.

More than 100 golfers hit the links at Century Pines Golf Club in Flamborough on June 20, including CareGo staff and their family members, suppliers, customers and business associates. The cost of the tournament is covered by CareGo, so all funds from golf registrations and sponsorships are directed to Robert Land Community Association.

“It’s our company’s 15th anniversary and we’ve held the tournament every year since 1999,” says Demetrius Tsafaridis, president and CEO of CareGo. “This year we set a record with the highest number of golfers and more money raised than any year previous.”

Tsafaridis said the generosity of suppliers and customers was outstanding, with each hole sponsored and prizes provided for every golfer.

“I’m thrilled by the amount raised,” said Don MacVicar, founding president of the Robert Land Community Association, who attended the tournament. “The funds provided by CareGo through this tournament have made an incredible difference in the Keith neighbourhood, as we are continuing to create new educational opportunities and a brighter future for the families in this community.”

The Robert Land Community Association provides programs and services through the Eva Rothwell Resource Centre on Wentworth Street North. It is the home of the Literacy Express, a refurbished rail dining car turned into a literacy and learning centre.

Golfers in the winning foursome, with a score of eight under par, were Demetrius Tsafaridis, Bruce Gabel and Greg Gabel from IPC Securities, and Ward 1 Councillor Brian McHattie.

CareGo ( provides optimization/automation technology and distribution services for steel and other heavy products. It was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Hamilton.

CONTACT: Cynthia Janzen, Vice President, Communications, 905-308-3489,


Interview with Chris Lange creator of Scratch This

Check out the interview below with Chris Lange, creator of the new Scratch This app!


chris-langeTell me about yourself.

I am a fourth year Mechatronics engineering student. My favorite hobbies include fishing skateboarding and kiteboarding but in my free time I’m always coming up with new ideas to try and make some money.


What is Scratch This?

Scratch This! Is an android application that rates Ontario scratch card lotteries in order to allow users to choose the lottery that would give them the best bang for their buck. The lotteries are ranked by an algorithm that incorporates publicly available data such as current prizes remaining and expected number of printed tickets.


Why did you decide to develop Scratch This?

I’ve always done my research before making any kind of purchase and I realized that many scratch card players don’t realize that many of the prizes they are hoping to win have already been claimed. I wanted to create an easy and convenient way to show users which lotteries had the most prizes available, the most money available and the least amount of tickets printed per dollar spent.


Who do you expect to use Scratch This?

I expect everyone that buys scratch cards and who know about my app to use it. Right now there’s a $4 cash for life with a top prize of $500! I think the price of my app is very reasonable if it helps users avoid lotteries like this that do not have many prizes left.




What is your plan to get the word out about Scratch This?

I am still figuring out how to advertise this app. Normally you can show popular blogs and reach a large audience but in my case I need to market Ontario specifically. Im hoping to find some popular local blogs and maybe even get featured on a local news network.


How can people get Scratch This? Is there a free and/or paid version? What does the premium version include? How do you plan to monetize the app?

There is a free and paid version available on the Google Play Store. The free version limits users to five non consecutive days of use. The paid version is $4 but allows unlimited use.


Where do you seeing Scratch This going in the future?

I’m using Ontario as a test market. If this app takes off I plan to incorporate other provinces and possibly an iOS application too.


“Perfection” inspires name for CareGo technology

caregoJune 2nd, 2014 – Hamilton, Ontario - CareGo’s patent-pending optimization technology now has a name: TELIA

“It’s the Greek word for “perfection” in the sense of being complete, lacking nothing,” says president & CEO Demetrius Tsafaridis. “We’re proud of our technology and I think the name speaks to our confidence in its reliability, its precision and its ability to pull operating costs out of the storage and distribution of steel and other heavy products.”

TELIA’s sophisticated software minimizes the space needed for work-in-progress and finished inventory by telling the crane where the optimal place is for each coil, pipe or plate. The automated crane “remembers” where each item is stored and can retrieve it instantly, moving at twice the speed of a manually-operated crane.

Trucks and railcars can be loaded and unloaded rapidly. An inventory management and scheduling system tracks and reports all inventory moves and provides instant management information. There are a number of supporting components that optimize virtually every process associated with a metals facility.

“In our business, speed and accuracy is everything, and TELIA provides that in spades,” Tsafaridis says. He noted that TELIA also creates a very safe workplace, because employees are kept out of the work field altogether. “Employees don’t have to go into the coil field hunting for a particular piece of product,” Tsafaridis explains. “They stay safely behind an electronic gate and the crane retrieves the product for them.”

TELIA was initially developed by CareGo staff to make the company’s own steel distribution centres more efficient. Its components can now be purchased or leased as a complete suite, individually, or in a customized combination.

In April 2014 CareGo was short-listed as Technology Provider of the Year in an international competition by American Metal Markets: , with winners to be announced June 17, 2014.

Contact: Cynthia Janzen, Vice President, Communications, or 905-308-3489


VIZIYA expands into Asia-Pacific

viziyaHamilton, Ontario – Enterprise asset management software specialist VIZIYA Corporation is placing a stake in the Asia-Pacific region by opening an office in Australia.

The move into Asia-Pacific follows a recent push into the Middle East and Europe, expanding its presence with offices in Dubai, Brussels and Amsterdam.

VIZIYA provides bolt-on asset management solutions running on JDE, Oracle, SAP, Info and Maximo asset maintenance systems, and hopes to build on its success to date with Australian mining, oil and gas companies.

“Opening offices in Australia seemed like a logical move at this stage. The emerging trends in the region give us an invaluable opportunity to gain new customers, as well as show the world why VIZIYA is the industry leader in the space,” a VIZIYA spokesperson said.

“We support all major ERP and EAM systems, so establishing offices worldwide, and expanding our global footprint is the basis of our strategy.”

VIZIYA has exhibited at the Mastering SAP Plant Maintenance conferences in South Africa and Brazil recently, and will be attending the Gold Coast event in November this year.


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