When: Tuesday December 6th 2016 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Where: The Art Gallery of Hamilton at 123 King Street West, Hamilton, ON




Keynote Speaker


Andrew Holden

CTO / CXO and Co-founder 


Weever Apps 


Andrew Holden is an expert technical designer with a history of leading public and private initiatives to successful outcomes.   He is the co-founder and current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Weever Apps Inc., a thriving “mobile workforce management” software firm and official partner to Xerox Canada.

Weever Apps was the first client of Hamilton’s Innovation Factory, won the city’s inaugural “LiON’S LAIR” competition in 2011, and has grown from a two very naive technical entrepreneurs to a rapidly growing software company with over 15 staff on James St. South.

Weever’s cloud-based software is used by enterprise customers including Bell, GE, and 3M.  Andrew mentors local startups in planning, strategy, and product development and recently launched a financial literacy learning platform in coordination with Hamilton catholic high schools and First Ontario Credit Union.






    Art Gallery of Hamilton            



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Demo 1
Flyte Studios provides educators access to focused educational video games and tools for grades K-6 through the UnderstudyEdu platform. The UnderstudyEdu platform can tell you which students are at risk, which are excelling, and can even recommend potential in-class groups based on commitment to and success with educational content within the games and tools.


Demo 2
Orbital will demo their new social photo taking platform, Carina!


Demo 3
Moonray Studios has been producing interactive projects for over 10 years, working with CBC, Teletoon, YTV, Global Television and the History Channel. Currently, our team is focused on Debris, a first-person adventure horror game that has players struggling to survive in an inhospitable underwater environment. Founder and Creative Directory Dan Clark will show off Debris’ unique terrain generation system, followed by a brief demo of the game. Moonray is also looking for play testers in the upcoming months and will be asking anyone interested to sign up.”


Demo 4
Aiva Labs helps business owners intercept and convert website visitors with an intelligent overlay. These overlays have the ability to automatically A/B test different design elements once deployed on a site, all without writing a single line of code


Demo 5
Providius will be showcasing their multi-10G video analysis platform that allows their telecom and broadcast customers, like Rogers, Bell, AT&T, ESPN, CBS, etc, to identify root cause errors and transport anomalies over the network. If there is a video streaming being delivered over a global network, then there is likely some Providius technology analyzing the traffic to ensure accurate and proper delivery.


Demo 6
Virtual Excursions creates fully branded and interactive 360 virtual tours. Through custom branding, marketing metrics and a mix of all types of media, we bring your location or events to life online.


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