Creative Exchange at McMaster LiveLab December 9th


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We are very excited to announce that the McMaster Institute for Music & the Mind will be hosting the Creative Exchange in December! This Creative Exchange cannot be missed. The LiveLab is a one-of-a-kind research and recording facility on the McMaster University campus. The LiveLab is located in the Psychology Building (#34 on the following campus map), very close to the hospital, if you are coming in from the Main West entrance to the campus. For directions to the campus:

Mark December 9th in your calendars, 5 to 7 p.m.

The LIVE (Large Interactive Virtual Environment) Lab located in the Psychology Building at McMaster University is a unique 96-seat Research Performance Hall designed to investigate the experience of music, dance, multimedia presentations, and human interaction.

The space includes Active Acoustic Control; Sound Recording Equipment; and measurement of behavioural responses (96 tablets), Movement (motion capture), Brain Responses (EEG), Muscle Tension (EMG), Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, and Sweating Responses (GSR) in up to 96 people at a time.

The Creative Exchange is a casual networking event for professionals and entrepreneurs from the Film, Digital & Design Media and Music communities. Join us to reconnect with people or meet new contacts from this community.


HamOntForever digital literacy crowdfunding campaign


A team of Hamiltonians has launched a crowdfunding campaign to establish a fund that can be used to create grants for local charities to work on digital literacy. Campaign donations will be matched by the Hamilton Community Foundation, and those who donate will have a chance to contribute to an “online time capsule” (e.g. pictures, videos) that will be opened in 2030.

Indiegogo Campaign:




Check out the details below:

Our Idea

In #HamOnt, we have a strong, vibrant online community. People in Hamilton use the internet and digital tools to enhance their personal and professional lives in lots of different ways. But not everyone is able to participate.

We want everyone – regardless of age, education, or income – to have the access and knowledge they need to participate online. #HamOntForever helps make that happen.

The campaign’s goal is to empower Hamilton’s passionate online community to turn social media into social action. Donations to the #HamOntForever Fund will be used to create grants that local charities can use to help improve the digital literacy of Hamiltonians. That means more Hamiltonians will have the skills and resources they need to be part of the online conversation and marketplace.

Our online time capsule makes the #HamOntForever campaign even cooler. As a donor, you get to contribute something to the capsule. Depending on your donation level, you can include a hashtag, tweet, post, or even a video. Leave a message or wish for future Hamiltonians. All those messages will be tucked away for 15 years. Then, at the Hamilton Community Foundation’s anniversary celebrations in the year 2030, the time capsule will be opened.

As part of the Hamilton Community Foundation’s commitment to the campaign’s success, they will match every dollar donated (up to $10,000). Your donation will help people in Hamilton even more!




When everything is possible



Guest article by Magdalena Wierzbicka – Web Designer at YWCA Women in IT project.


Here is a little story I want to share:

I went last weekend (Nov. 21 – 23) to Startup Weekend Hamilton; More info in links below:

To be honest, I’ve never heard about it before. However, I’m trying to network as much as I can, so I went. I got scared a little when I realized it was “makers edition” and mostly about machines, electronics, etc. Almost gave up when I saw there was no women! But I stayed, teamed up with four great guys and over a weekend we’ve built a startup company and our product – social app! And we won! Even more, we won makers edition with a product that is virtual not a machine :D And I was the only woman who finished the challenge. We are the winners for Hamilton!

We are building a social platform “where real connections happen and spontaneous adventures begin”. A place where you can find same minded people and do things together. Our goal is to encourage people to get out. To use computer as a tool for socializing, instead of being your whole social network. To motivate people to real connections in real world in real time :)

The next step of the competition is qualification to regional level. We’ve created and submitted promotional video. Now we need to find as many supporters that would vote for us as possible. I’m here to encourage you to vote J

Here is the link where you can support us:

However, I hope that my story doesn’t end here. Because Global Startup Battle, as amazing as it is, it just a first step to possibly the most amazing adventure of my life! We are at this point when everything is possible! Have you been there? How did your adventure turn out?

Please share!


SWH Maker’s Edition winners CrossPoint enter GSB



CrossPoint, winners of Startup Weekend Hamilton: Maker’s Edition, have entered the Global Startup Battle for a chance to win 500k in prizes! Check out their entry and vote for them!

CrossPoint is a startup comprised of five individuals who came together when they heard an idea that hooked them. Brad Vander Boogaard, the man who started it all with the pitch that none of the team could walk away from. His infectious exuberance breathed life into the fledgling team. Without the coding skill of JD Cumpson, CrossPoint would be nothing more than a good idea that got tossed around. Working long hours with his headphones pouring music into his ears, JD brought the vision into reality. Big, abstract thought were brought to us by Mark Devos with brilliance and an excitement that was contagious, no matter how exhausted we were. The counter-balance to this team of men was delivered with tenacity and pointedness by Magdalena Wierzbicka. Her perspective helped ensure they saw their product from perspectives that were unknown to the rest of the team. Thrown into the mix of brilliant people is Aaron Perras, diligently working to remind the other of the ticking clock of the competition. It is this variety of people that has allowed them to create something they believe will be an amazing tool to connect people, now.



DemoCampHamilton19 full demo line-up announced

When: Wednesday December 3rd, 2014 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

Where: The Art Gallery of Hamilton – Joey and Toby Tanebaum Pavilion – 123 King Street West Hamilton, Ontario




Demo 1
TRIAT (Tiny Researcher In A Tube) is an open source, research grade GPS data logging device that is based on an Arduino platform. The core design principles include very low energy use, full data logging customization, low cost, and easy manufacturing in quantity. Current research includes exploring how spatial use in a city relates to social connectedness.


Demo 2
Street Smarts app is an app designed to teach children with special needs what they can do if they are lost/separated from a caregiver in a store. The instructional design is informed by the most cutting edge research from the science of Behavior Analysis.


Demo 3
WeMesh is an iOS app that combines your two favorite mobile activities – watching YouTube and chatting – into one new exciting app. It allows you to experience your favorite videos in perfect synchrony with all your friends while messaging. WeMesh turns your group’s iPhones into a speaker system, courtesy of our unrivaled playback sync engine.


Demo 4
Maestro allows you to use your arm’s movements to control a variety of instruments in a grand orchestral piece. Depending on the direction of your arm’s movements, a different note is played. All of this information is gathered using Thalmic Lab’s Myo armband. As you compose, you are able to switch instruments between a strings section, horns section, and the vocal section of the orchestra.


Demo 5
Beam is a new way to discove contacts and keep in touch. For more information, please visit


Demo 6
Seasoned Tactics is a cross-platform multi-player tactics arena where you take control of the arena by covering it with your season. Players compete in turns using strategy to out maneuver the computer or other players.

Keynote Speaker




Jesse Rodgers



Creative Destruction Lab

University of Toronto


Jesse Rodgers is the Director of Creative Destruction Lab and has been in education and technology for last 15 years. Prior to founding TribeHR (acquired by NetSuite in 2013), Jesse was Director and pioneer of the VeloCity program at the University of Waterloo. Jesse holds a M.Sc University of Liverpool and a B.A. from the University of Waterloo.





Art Gallery of Hamilton

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Innovation Factory co-founder speed dating

IFlogoWhen: Wednesday December 3rd 2014 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Where: The Art Gallery of Hamilton @ 123 King Street West

Are you looking for the right business partner to complement your skillset? Join Innovation Factory on December 3 for Co-Founder Speed Dating! This is a networking event specifically designed to match up business-minded innovators with builders and technical experts. It will be structured like speed dating, with timed one-on-one mini conversations and a matching process at the end.

If you’re interested in working as a technical co-founder at a startup but don’t have an idea yet, this may be the event for you – come out and see who you can connect with!

Email to register.

Speed dating session will be taking place prior to DemoCampHamilton19 at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.


Orbital Studios food and toy drive

From Orbital Studios….

In the spirit of the giving season, we are now collecting toys and/or non-perishable food item donations, to be distributed to St. Matthew’s House and The Good Shepherd Hamilton.

Donations can be brought to the main floor of 22 Wilson Street, Downtown Hamilton (Sonic Unyon Records building), Mondays to Fridays until December 22nd, from 9am to 5pm.

Thank you in advance for your kind generosity!




Behind the Code : LastWave

Behind the Code we talk about open source software, discuss challenges in developing, or in contributing to the code. celebrates a community member’s technical or business accomplishment and offers the opportunity for insightful discussion into the challenges in achieving it.

Date: 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Tuesday, November 25th
Presenter: Niko Savas (McMaster Software Engineering)
Demo: LastWave
Technologies: JavaScript, SVG, API
Format: 10-15 minute presentation, 20-30 minute discussion
Location: Applivy HQ (Westdale), 901 King Street W, Unit B

Applivy’s mission is to bring highschool, university students and Hamilton professionals together in a mixed learning environment. Topics include coding, technology, business, liberty, startups, and more.

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