Volunteer for Hamilton Code Clubs


Are you interested in inspiring the coders of tomorrow? What better way to share your passion then facilitating a local Hamilton Code Club!

Hamilton Code Clubs is a program that was designed to spark an interest, in Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) to students in grades 4 – 8. It is currently being offered through the Industry-Education Council (IEC) of Hamilton, in partnership with Software Hamilton, and is actively recruiting adult volunteers that would be willing to assist in introducing simple software programming to our program participants.



We are looking for individuals that could assist with facilitating and mentoring the following programs:

  • 8-week core Hamilton Code Clubs (approximately one hour a week, for 8 weeks)
  • Saturday sessions (approximately 3.5 hours)

Volunteer mentors will receive the web-based platforms (i.e.: LightBot, HopScotch, Scratch, and Khan Academy) as well as the necessary information and support as they deliver a club.

This is your opportunity to mentor our future ICT professionals, in a fun and interactive learning environment.

Contact us to join numerous other folks, just like you, who have made a commitment to inspiring and introducing students to software programming!

Opportunity Location(s): Hamilton Central, Hamilton West, Hamilton East, Hamilton Mountain

Vulnerable Sector Check Required: Yes

Interested in running a Hamilton Code Club? Contact Sue Clarke today!

Susan Clarke, Program Manager
IEC of Hamilton



Artificial intelligence and hacking healthcare next week

When: Thursday March 16th 2017 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Where: CoMotion on King at 115 King Street East, 3rd Floor, Hamilton

Organizer: Hacking Health Hamilton (@HHHamOnt)

Register: meetup.com/Hacking-Health-Hamilton/events/237601788


This month, We are hosting another fantastic MeetUp at CoMotion On King in Hamilton. CoMotion On King is a new coworking initiative and Hamilton’s largest coworking space in the heart of downtown. Now we have a chance to get inside and enjoy their hospitality.

We have two awesome groups presenting this meetup:

Dr. Richard Sztramko practices both Geriatrics and General Internal Medicine at St. Peter’s, Hamilton General, and Juravinski Hospitals.  He received his Bachelor of Health Sciences from McMaster University and Medical Degree from the University of Toronto.  He completed his Internal Medicine and Geriatrics residencies at the University of British Columbia.  For additional training, Dr. Sztramko worked at the Memory and Aging Centre, University of California San Francisco, focusing on Behavioural Neurology.  He has been an Associate Program Director in the Core Medicine training program at UBC with an interest in Resident Wellness.  In his personal life, he enjoys playing and composing music (singer/songwriter genre), running, and dining out.  Dr. Sztramko has founded a startup involving inpatient physician communication and handover called the Virtual Ward, and provided advice on the implementation of telehealth.  He is pursuing a Masters of eHealth at McMaster with a focus on clinician user interface design and analytics.

Dr. Sztrmko will present Virtual Ward – Hacking Physician Handoffs

Omar Boursalie is a Biomedical Engineering PhD student at McMaster University aiming to overcome challenges in healthcare through big data and A.I. technology. His interest in healthcare began the day he was born at McMaster Hospital and with Hamilton being on the cutting edge of engineering and healthcare, there couldn’t have been a more fitting city to be raised in! When he’s not teaching, you can often find Omar biking and sailing!

Omar will present Monitoring Heart Disease with Wearable Sensors and Health Records.

Veronika Litinski is a company builder, health technology innovator, and growth junkie. At present, Veronika is establishing Konona Health, a management company and digital health accelerator focused on Consumer Health. Recently, she joined its first graduate, GeneYouIn, as COO. GeneYouIn is a Personalized Medicine company: www.pillcheck.ca.

Veronika piloted the launch of Cogniciti (www.cogniciti.com), a for-profit arm of Baycrest Hospital, the world’s leading centre for the study of memory and aging. Cogniciti’s mission is to help the millions of adults with significant memory concerns get earlier assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Before taking on her leadership role with Cogniciti, Veronika led the Health Care and Life Sciences practice at MaRS Discovery District. She joined MaRS as Director of the Venture Group when their doors opened in July 2005. She continues contributing to MaRS as a Volunteer Advisor.

When not pitching Health Tech innovations to insurance companies, or taking long hikes with her dog, son and husband, Veronika can be found on the Lakeshore West GO train, somewhere between Toronto and Hamilton.

Veronika will present on Digital and Health Investment.

Join Us!


Jim had everybody’s back

I’m very sorry to say that Jim Rudnick passed away last week.

Jim was an important community builder in Hamilton’s startup community. Back in 2010-11 when institutions like Innovation Factory were first getting off the ground, Jim was the number one networker and community cheerleader in this area. They gave him the first DiFizen award for making a difference in the community. Jim had everybody’s back, and people loved him for it.

Some of us will be getting together this Friday March 10th from 5pm-7pm at SERVE Ping Pong bar to have a pint in honour of Jim and tell some of our favourite stories.

Corrected update: this article was briefly updated to mention that Jim’s memorial service had been made public. This was a miscommunication. That memorial service will need to remain private for his family, due to space restrictions it may not be able to accommodate everyone. The Friday drinks will go on as planned though.


I’m not sure it’s my place, I’m not so good at these things, but I’ll tell a quick story.

DemoCampHamilton1 was the first big community event I had ever planned. Until then my life was a more like a typical computer science grad student… sitting behind a desk, working away on math problems that had nothing to do with people.

I was way out of my element at the time doing something social and business oriented, and to be honest totally scared out of mind. I was worried sick things would go off the rails. The day of that first DemoCamp I actually hadn’t slept a wink for the prior two nights.

But this guy Jim Rudnick who had been e-mailing me since announcing the event really wanted to go out to lunch the day of the DemoCamp. He listened, gave advice, shared his own experiences, and put me at ease. You kinda had to know him, but he had a way of delivering advice that was fine-tuned to his listener in a way that let them know what they needed to know without causing them to put their guard up. I think it’s because you got the sense he really wanted you to succeed.

When we were done our lunch he made a small gesture that I’ll never forget. As we were about to leave the restaurant he turned to me and said, “I’m behind you” and patted me on the back, and then let me walk ahead of him. I know it’s such a little thing, but it meant a lot.


I think that’s what Jim did for a lot of people too – he had their backs. There was a bunch of us that were young and/or new to Hamilton. Maybe not as secure in themselves or their abilities just yet, let alone secure in their careers, or startup, or family life. And at the same time all these people were “trying really hard to make it in life”. They were stressed out from running the rat race, working long hours, and dealing with competition. And though a lot of these people were learners and hard workers with goals they wanted to achieve, due to their stage of life and career, they were understandably tense, anxious and unsure.

Where as Jim was our Obi-Wan Kenobi. He had the wisdom of seeing it before, and coming at things from the end of his career, he could be more relaxed and detached than the rest of us. He modelled a lot of behaviours that the rest of us followed… like the importance of “opening up the rolodex”, supporting people, leadership, sharing good ideas even if it meant others would implement them instead of you, and seeing the best in others (I’ve never met anyone better than him at that in particular).


Over the years Jim kinda became an informal mentor for me. We would meetup for lunch and beers every so often and talk about business, life and family. He retired not very long ago and wrote a lot of SciFi books, which was great to see him get to do something he loved. He had the best sense of humour, and always expressed love for his family and friends.

I’ll miss you buddy.


Upcoming responsive design for beginners workshop


When: Saturday March 18th 2017 from 10:0am to 4:00pm

Where: Lister Block at 28 James Street North, Hamilton, Ontario

Organizer: Ladies Learning Code (@llchamont)

Cost: $55

Register: eventbrite.ca/e/hamilton-responsive-design-for-beginners-build-mobile-friendly-websites-with-html5-css3-on-march-tickets-31779601644


For this workshop, we are going to take a super crazy, complicated website and make it mobile friendly using HTML5 and CSS. Bring with you an understanding of HTML and CSS or none at all; it’s not a requirement.

We will be teaching you how to design for multiple screen sizes, select content that makes sense for mobile and of course, unmask the mysterious yet widely discussed HTML5.


Wikipedia Edit-a-thon


When: Tuesday March 7th 2017 from 6:00pm to 9:30pm

Where: CoMotion on King at 115 King St East, Hamilton, Ontario

Organizer: Ladies Learning Code (@llchamont)

Register: eventbrite.ca/e/hamilton-wikipedia-edit-a-thon-on-march-7th-tickets-32001568553


Long gone are the days of Encyclopedia Britannica on the shelves of homes or trips to the library to complete a book report. Generations young and old are turning to the internet and resources like Wikipedia to discover important information about the world around them. The benefits are endless – technology has increased access and ease while minimizing many barriers that previously existed. Information now transcends rooms and borders turning anyone into an author or historian. But, women still remain underrepresented.

Wikipedia has a gender bias problem. Their own surveys have indicated that only about 8–16 percent of Wikipedia editors are female and a 2009 Wikimedia Foundation survey showed only six percent of super editors (more than 500 edits) were female. This is an issue for many reasons, including reports of harassment of female editors on Wikipedia forums.

The lack of female editors on Wikipedia also creates a bias in the content generated by their editor community. We need more women participating to ensure that women are represented equally in the massive fabric of human history that is Wikipedia. One approach to address this bias is running female edit-a-thons, which are growing in popularity and have taken place across the globe.

We are proud to be hosting a feminist edit-a-thon in partnership with Art + Feminism (http://www.artandfeminism.org/) to bring together our incredible community of women in Hamilton and bring some much-needed new knowledge to Wikipedia!

No experience necessary with editing or wikipedia but, you will need to bring a laptop (or let us know if you’ll need access to an extra one – we can facilitate that too!). All feminists welcome – men included!

The event is free but please register to indicate that you plan to attend. Organizers will email all registrants with important ahead-of-time preparation (just a few easy steps!) that you need in order to start editing right away at the event.


Hamilton and CIRA join forces to measure Internet performance across the city

HAMILTON, ON Feb. 22, 2017 /CNW/ – The City of Hamilton has partnered with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) to launch an Internet performance test for the city. Residents can use the test to better understand the speed and quality of their Internet connections. The test is crowd-sourced, meaning that it produces better data with widespread participation.  The municipal government and local Internet leaders can, in turn, use the data collected city-wide to create a comprehensive profile of broadband access within Hamilton’s boundaries and move to address any areas of inequality.

The City of Hamilton encourages all residents and businesses to test their connections at https://performance.cira.ca/Hamilton.

Key facts

  • As Hamilton prepares for the digital future, the municipal government is focused on ensuring “digital equity” – equal access and opportunity to digital tools, resources, and services to increase digital knowledge, awareness, and skills.
  • The Internet performance test will provide the Mayor’s Intelligent Community Task Force with data it needs to promote its objectives, which include:
    • Examining and assessing Hamilton’s IT infrastructure
    • Developing a city-wide digital strategy, supported by an action plan
    • Improving Hamilton’s strengths and assets as they pertain to ICF indicators
  • Individuals and businesses can use the IPT to learn the quality of their own connection (including speed, performance, and adherence to standards) and use that information to help determine if they have the connectivity they need.
  • By measuring connectivity across the city, CIRA’s testing methodology helps map areas with strong connectivity and those where a digital divide may be developing.
  • Hamilton’s test is built on CIRA’s Internet performance test infrastructure. CIRA’s City-Internet performance test program allows local municipalities to quickly leverage CIRA’s testing infrastructure to deploy a test using the standard global M-Labs protocol.

Executive quotes

“As we make the transition from an industrial to a more digital-based economy we want to ensure that all of our citizens have the skills and tools to more fully participate. The Mayor’s Intelligent Community Task Force is working to achieve those goals. We hope the data from this testing will mobilize even more community leaders, non-profit, public and private organizations to join us in working towards making Hamilton a digital leader recognized around the world.” – Mayor Fred Eisenberger

“The City of Hamilton fully understands the importance of broadband infrastructure to its sustained economic well-being. Hamilton was recognized as one of the Smart21 Communities by The Intelligent Community Forum in 2016, and has stated the goal of achieving a top seven ranking by 2020. The Internet performance test will give The City of Hamilton data to help it attain its goals by identifying how prepared the city’s broadband infrastructure is – as well as how healthy its residents’ individual Internet connections are – to thrive in a digital economy.” – Dave Chiswell, VP of product development at CIRA

Additional resources

Test your Internet connection today at http://performance.cira.ca/hamilton.

For more information on CIRA’s work to help Canadian municipalities address their needs to Internet measurement, visit http://performance.cira.ca.

About the Canadian Internet Registration Authority

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) manages the .CA top-level domain on behalf of all Canadians. CIRA also develops technologies and services that help support its goal of building a better online Canada. The CIRA team operates one of the fastest-growing country code top-level domains (ccTLD), a high-performance global domain name search (DNS) network, and one of the world’s most advanced back-end registry solutions.


John Gerryts at IoT meetup March 1st

When: Wednesday March 1st 2017 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Where: CoMotion on King at 115 King St East, Hamilton, Ontario

Organizer: Internet of Things meetup

Register: meetup.com/Hamilton-IoT-Meetup/events/237839240


We now a speaker 🙂  John Gerryts from from Project Oaken will be speaking about IoT blockcain technology and his recent experience at the Blockchain Virtual GovHack challenge sponsored by the United Arab Emirates.  His team won first place!


KiDi SMS featured in InnovatorsRace50


Hamilton startup KiDi SMS is featured in the InnovatorsRace50!

KiDi SMS is a web-based gamification program to incentivize self-management in children. KiDi SMS was implemented for use at McMaster Children’s Hospital, and a pilot study found that 91% of users reported that they felt more motivated to self-manage using KiDi SMS.

InnovatorsRace50 has startups competing for votes across five categories: Govtech and Social Enterprises, Fintech and Mobility, Consumers and Well-Being, Digital Processes and Transformation, Data and Security. Five winning startups can receive $50,000 in funding, as well as mentorship and other benefits.

You can vote for KiDi SMS here!



Cinnos patents Smart Mission Critical Rack


HAMILTON, OntarioFeb. 16, 2017 — Cinnos Mission Critical Incorporated (Cinnos), a technology startup based in Hamilton, ON continues to demonstrate their innovation. Having introduced their data centre appliance to the world, they have now been granted a patent (No. US 9,572,276, see here for more details), for their innovative work.

The patent discloses a high-density, cost and energy-efficient integrated infrastructure within an enclosed space that enables the same level of performance and uptime as a traditional data centre. These benefits are delivered to customers for a fraction of the cost and a significantly reduced deployment time. Among other proprietary and novel aspects, the patent claims a high-density, scalable system with movable and reconfigurable subsystems, including integrated precision cooling, power inverters, fire suppression and monitoring by an intelligent control system.

The benefits of the Cinnos systems are multifold. For large enterprises, it allows them a far more rapid deployment of data centers, with lower capital investments and operating costs, as well as faster revenue generation, translating into significantly higher ROI. For small and medium enterprises, Cinnos enables them for the first time to acquire their own high performance micro datacenter for a very affordable price, giving them more control of their data while eliminating any latency.

“This is a major milestone for our company, proving the novelty and usefulness of our technology and giving us a powerful competitive advantage over all the other technologies out there that claim to be modular but offer no tangible technical enabler or customer benefit,” said Hussam Haroun, CEO and co-founder of Cinnos, and the inventor of the Smart Mission Critical Rack.

About Cinnos

Cinnos has developed and commercialized the world’s first “data center in a box” that enables immediate deployment and a pay-as-you-grow model for data centers. Thanks to its proprietary modular design, The Cinnos SmartMCX™ enables immediate deployment of data centres for a fraction of the cost of traditional mission critical facilities thereby accelerating revenues and resulting in dramatically higher ROI. For more information, please visit http://cinnos.com.

Contacts: Brook Azezew


Happy Hippo Games releases Coin Bulldozer


New Hamilton indie gaming firm Happy Hippo Games (@happyhippogames) just released their first game Coin Bulldozer on the Android App Store.



Coin Bulldozer – tap to drop coins from the hopper onto the play area. The coin bulldozer shoves them into a pile – be careful not to let them fall off the sides into the water.

Use boosters for walls, quakes and coin showers to push the prizes into the hopper. Level up for fun!

Over 30 collectable prizes! Family safe – fun for all!

Note: we do offer ads if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for coins to replenish, if you want to use that option please ensure you accept the two permissions at game start so the game can give you the boosts and coins!