Lion’s Lair 2016 top 10 startups announced

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As part of the sixth annual LiON’S LAIR competition, 15 companies took part in pitch and media relations training this summer at Innovation Factory and The Hamilton Spectator.

The next phase in the competition has begun, with the announcement of the top 10 companies who will move on to face the LiONS with a 15-minute pitch filmed at Cable 14.

180 Drums, Caddle, GoWrench Auto, Laifa Baby, Nix Sensor Ltd., Nuts for Cheese, Suncayr, Tasytt, TopSpin360 and Tron-Club will all get that opportunity – congratulations!

“With five of the 10 finalists being clients of The Forge, this finalist group represents a really strong showing for our campus-linked accelerator,” said David Carter, Executive Director at Innovation Factory.

The 10 finalists will compete for over $160,000 in cash and in-kind prizes although they won’t know the results until the gala on September 29 at Carmen’s when the winners are announced live.

In addition, the LiONS will give out a new award – $2,000 cash – this year to celebrate one of the up and coming Hamilton businesses in the field. In recent years, LiON’S LAIR was opened up to entrepreneurs outside the Hamilton area as a way of promoting what the city has to offer. This new award brings the competition back to its roots and highlights a locally-grown business.

Tickets to the gala are on sale now at This event sells out every year so be sure to get yours today!

Freelancer summer get-together



When: Thursday August 18th 2016 at 6:00pm

Where: Ye Olde Squire at 875 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario

Organizer: Hamilton Freelancer Association



We’ll either be in the main dining room, or out on the patio! (downstairs or accessible from the back parking lot)

Come join us for our summer get together! We’ll be meeting at the new Ye Olde Squire location near Main & Longwood.

The plan is to have a sit down dinner then hang around for a bit to catch up, with everyone ordering what they would prefer. You can get an idea of their menu here:!menu-mainwest/cu6n

Please arrive on time (or a bit before) so we can get seated.

Unfortunately we cannot reserve the patio but they do have a large amount of capacity and should be good early-ish on a Thursday evening. Worst case we have the inside reserved and can break out onto the patio afterwards. If we get enough RSVPs, we can try to secure the downstairs area just across from the patio!

PLEASE RSVP so we can confirm numbers, and update your RSVP if your plans change.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Ontario International Trade Branch newsletter

In this newsletter for Ontario tech firms :

• August 1-5: Ontario ICT Trade Mission to Australia ($800/company) 2 spaces left
• Meet Japan-based SOFTBANK
• Sept 7-9 – Las Vegas: Ontario wireless trade mission to CTIA (4 new spots. Deadline to apply July 28!!)
• Sept. 8-9: tech firms from Canada, Colombia and Mexico in Miami
• August 15-17: Softbank’s visit to Ontario
• October 24-28: Ontario ICT Trade Mission to Japan IT Week ($500/company)
• Nov. 2-3: Ontario ad:tech trade mission to NYC (5 spots left)
• Nov. 7-10: Ontario at Web Summit 2016, Lisbon, Portugal (2 spots left)

Details below. Contact the appropriate person indicated on each item.

August 1-5: Ontario ICT Trade Mission to Australia ($800/company) 2 spaces left
Are you an Ontario ICT company and looking to supply to the Australian public sector? Ontario will lead a trade mission of ICT companies to Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, in partnership with Canadian trade commissioners in Sydney and Canberra. Mission members will exhibit in Technology in Government, Australia’s largest ICT event for the public sector. Business to business meetings and related programs will be prepared for mission members in each visiting city, and Ontario companies can take advantage of this mission to showcase their ICT software, platforms, services and solutions that can contribute to drive Australian public sector & enterprise transformation. Contact for more details.


August 15-17: Softbank’s visit to Ontario
The Director of Softbank’s Business Development Division will be visiting Toronto (Aug 15-16) and Kitchener/Waterloo (Aug 16-17) in Mid-August. During the period there will be group and 1:1 meetings with Ontario companies working on IoT (Connected Vehicle, Smart Home/city, Wellness/Fitness, etc.), AI/Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, Fintech and Adtech related solutions. Softbank is one of the largest wireless carriers and ICT companies in Japan and is active in a wide range of sectors beyond wireless (renewable energy, agriculture, automation etc.). For more details or book a meeting spot upon confirmation from Softbank, contact


Sept 7-9 – Las Vegas: Ontario wireless & M2M trade mission to CTIA (4 NEW spots deadline to apply July 28!!)
The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade invites you to be part of the Ontario wireless and M2M trade mission to CTIA ( Twelve new and established companies will have the opportunity to exhibit in the Ontario Pavilion (# 2425) located on a main aisle next to Verizon and Samsung. Participants will also receive several value-added services including an up-to-date database, promotion at the Ontario Business Reception and a market intelligence briefing. In 2016, CTIA’s Super Mobility Week will feature the entire wireless ecosystem – Connected Heath and Home, M2M, content and networking technologies. Close to 50,000 people, over 1,000 exhibitors and more than 1,200 press and analysts worldwide. $2,200 for first time participants in an Ontario IT mission to the U.S. (deadline for “Early Bird” is June 30, 2016). Regular fee is $2,700. (travel and accommodation is extra). Past participants have priority registration only if applying with a first time participant approved for the mission. Financial assistance to eligible companies from the may be available through Ontario’s and Canada’s CanExport Program For details contact


Sept. 8-9: tech firms from Canada, Colombia and Mexico in Miami
The Colombian Government Trade Commission – ProColombia is pleased to invite your company to attend the 3rd Business Matchmaking Forum for ICT companies in the Software, IT and Digital Media sectors in Miami, Florida on September 8thand 9th, 2016. ProColombia will cover the cost of one economy round-trip ticket to Miami. Applicable for one person per company. This event is a unique opportunity to meet in person with representatives of some of the best Colombian companies in the ICT sector. We encourage you to come and join other Canadian, American and Mexican companies in discovering Colombia’s ICT potential. For details please click Colombia bring IT on or contact Daiana Villarreal at


October 24-28: Ontario ICT Trade Mission to Japan IT Week ($500/company)
If you are a company that supply IoT, mobile/ wireless/ digital solutions/ FinTech products and services, join us in the mission to Japan IT Week Autumn, the largest B-to-B ICT event in Japan, covering the entire spectrum of solutions and attracting an international audience of 40,000+ visitors and 535 exhibitors in 2015. In addition to the exhibition, mission members will attend pre-arranged on-on-one meetings on site and off site, and receive market briefing and consultation from mission partner and/or industry experts. Deadline to apply is June 30. For more details, contact


Nov. 2-3: Ontario ad:tech trade mission to NYC (5 spots left)
The Government of Ontario and invite you to be part of the trade mission to NYC’s ad:tech 2016 ( Ad:tech is a key U.S. trade show and conference that attracts over 7,000 professionals from the marketing, technology and media communities. The program would include turnkey exhibit space (booth #213) for eight companies a market intelligence briefing, exhibition passes, databases of local potential clients, a pitching session or 1×1 meetings. The delegation would feature eight companies featuring innovations in the mobile tech, big data, video & content and new ad platforms. Cost: $2,300 Early Bird only for first time participants in an Ontario IT mission to the U.S. Early Bird deadline is August 31, 2016. Regular fee is $2,700. Past participants have priority registration if applying with a first time participant approved to join the mission. Financial assistance to eligible companies from the may be available through Ontario’s and Canada’s CanExport Program For details contact


Nov. 7-10: Ontario at Web Summit 2016, Lisbon, Portugal (2 spots left)
Join the Government of Ontario trade mission to Web Summit 2016, taking place in Lisbon, Portugal November 7-10, 2016. A group of at least 5 Ontario “Alpha” stage companies will be invited to participate in this mission as part of the Canada pavilion at Web Summit 2016 . In addition to the Summit, we will put together additional meetings with VCs, potential partners and networking events including an in-depth market briefing and Canada reception on November 7th in Lisbon. Companies will receive a spot to exhibit for one of the three days of the Summit plus access for the entire Summit and all related activities. Companies can also register to enter the ‘Pitch Competition” Cost per company for the Ontario mission is C$500 plus your own travel and accommodations. This represents a discount of $2000 from the original cost for the same package. For details please contact: or 416-314-2602

Employers wanted for YWCA Women in IT program



The WIT program funded by Ontario Women’s Directorate is a free employment program open to women facing multiple barriers to skills upgrading and access employment in the IT sector. The program provides academic training through Mohawk College, personal development and job search support to program participants.

Participants in the program are currently taking the Web Design and Development certificate program at Mohawk as their academic training. They will complete it on August 19th. Following their academic training is their placement as web developers/designers or similar role in the IT sector. Participants have knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, WordPress and Photoshop.

YWCA is wondering if you are open to providing placement opportunities to 1 or more women in the WIT program at your company. Placement will be from September 2016 to December 2016 (12 weeks). Schedule can be arranged but should be at least 20 hours per week.

Please let Jupiter Deveau know if you are able to accommodate and we can provide you with more information about the placement.

Thank you.

Jupiter Deveau
Career Development Specialist
Women in IT (Information Technology)
YWCA Hamilton
75 MacNab Street South
Hamilton, ON L8P 3C1
T: (905) 522 9922 ext 142
F: 905.521.6455
S: jupiter.deveau


GameDevDrinks with Spooky Squid tonight



When: Wednesday July 27th 2016 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Where: The Pheasant Plucker – 20 Augusta Street, Hamilton, Ontario

Organizer: @GameDevDrinks




Hey GDDers,

We invite all of you within or curious about our game development community to come and join us at the Pheasant Plucker on Wednesday, July 27th for a night of good times and good cheer. This month our guest speaker is Miguel Sternberg from Spooky Squid Games the studio behind They Bleed Pixels.

From 7:00-10:30 p.m., GameDevDrinks is the place for you to hang out and to hear Miguel speak about the trials and tribulations of They Bleed Pixels (and so much more). Afterwards you can chat with Miguel, share your game concepts and ideas, tell and trade stories, show off game demos or just network and hang out because at GDD our goal is to create a casual and creative social environment for anyone – student, hobbyist, enthusiast and professional alike – who shares the common interest of game development of any kind.

We look forward to seeing you on the 27th!



BattleGoat announces Supreme Ruler: Trump Rising



Ancaster, Canada – BattleGoat Studios has answered the call to make available new DLC, TRUMP RISING, for its Geopolitical Game Supreme Ruler Ultimate.  Commented Lead Designer, David Thompson, “It is with incredible anguish that we feel obligated to provide our players with a new option to our game.  We have prided ourselves with our games’ realistic approach to the world but absolutely nothing prepared us for this…”  Lead Programmer, George Geczy added, “”Our games have  always excelled at creating a real world simulation with a chaotic future storyline.  Now the chaos can feel even more real!”

Availability: Supreme Ruler Trump Rising (FREE DLC for Supreme Ruler Ultimate) will be available for download from Steam on Tuesday July 26th.

“Make America Great Again!”

At first he was dismissed as comic relief and a game show host in a country whose election cycles were long, arduous, and boring.  With his bombastic style, he brought entertainment to a process that had long since lost its lustre to a jaded population.  However, as the election progressed from Party Primaries to National Conventions and into the General Election, the international community started to take notice, and in some cases, make plans.

“I, Donald J. Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And with those words, the world changed…




Within the United States, civil unrest fueled by racial tensions reaches even higher than in the 1960’s.  To China and Russia, the new US President seems so unpredictable and reckless that it seems logical to make a pre-emptive strike rather than wait for him to have a ‘bad hair day’ and launch a strike against them.  In Western Europe, leaders are shaken by their new reality and realize they may have to make concessions to Russia now that America can no longer be relied upon.  In Mexico, and even in Canada, militaries are brought to an unprecedented level of readiness over concern of Trump’s ambitions.




How will this play out?  Will you assume Trump’s role as the new US leader and guide America to renewed Greatness?  Or will you instead lead another nation and take advantage of a potentially dysfunctional America to further your own ambition?   Supreme Ruler Ultimate: Trump Rising will allow you to take control of a nation in 2020 as the world is engulfed in chaos, or start on inauguration day in January 2017 as Donald Trump takes control of the most powerful nation on earth.  Manage economic, diplomatic, and military policies, take on ISIS and North Korea, defend the South China Sea, or just build a wall instead.

Link to Steam Store:

Link directly to DLC:

BattleGoat Studios is pleased to provide Supreme Ruler – Trump Rising as FREE DLC to owners ofSupreme Ruler Ultimate!

About Supreme Ruler Ultimate

The pinnacle of fourteen years of development on the Supreme Ruler series of Real Time Geo-Political Strategy Games for PC and Mac.   Supreme Ruler Ultimate incorporates the stories, campaigns, scenarios, and features from our previous releases and expands on them in our improved game engine.  Take control of any nation in the world from World War II through the Cold War and into the near future as our world lurches from one crisis to the next!  Play historical or modern campaigns with specific objectives, attempt one of the many Set-Piece Scenarios for a shorter game, or customize your gaming experience by picking any nation in the various era sandboxes and choosing your own preferred Victory Condition.  With so many options to choose from, Supreme Ruler Ultimate provides virtually unlimited replayability!

– Play Historical or Futuristic Campaigns and Maps.

– Take Control of any Nation in Sandbox Mode and impact the outcome of an era.

– Epic game-play – start in 1936 and play well into the 21st century.  Start in 1936 and progress well into the 21st century for an Epic Game-play experience.

– Challenge yourself with Set-Piece Scenarios for a faster-paced game.

– The butterfly effect… Influence the timeline and outcome of thousands of historical events.

– Use Diplomacy, Trade, Espionage, and Intimidation to influence the policies of other nations.

– Guide your Nation through an era of unprecedented Scientific Advancement.

– Modernize your economy to support whatever social and military policies you choose.

– Sophisticated Real-Time Strategic and Tactical Control of your Military Forces.

– Detailed historically-accurate armies down to the Battalion level.

– Choose your level of control.  Make all decisions or use your Cabinet Ministers to help.

– Battle the elements! Fully integrated weather model influences battlefield outcomes.

– Up to 16 players in Multiplayer over local network or Internet

About BattleGoat Studios

BattleGoat Studios is a Canadian Software Developer committed to developing leading edge “Intelligent Strategy Games”. BattleGoat’s game design history dates back to the first text-based Supreme Rulergame in 1982, making Supreme Ruler one of the oldest computer gaming franchises still in development.  The design team firmly believes that Strategy Gamers are looking for more sophisticated games that also remain fun to play. BattleGoat insists that their approach to development will always emphasize an accurate, heavily researched environment assuring players an entertaining and immersive gameplay experience.  Their previous PC releases are Supreme Ruler 2010, Supreme Ruler 2020, Supreme Ruler Cold War, and Supreme Ruler 1936.

Fun Fact

After President Obama’s inauguration in January 2009, IGN named Supreme Ruler the #1 game on their list of computer games the new President should play to help learn his job.

Marketing Kit Link:


Twitter: @battlegoat  /  @TrumpRising



Contact Info:  For additional information, feel free to contact David Thompson, Lead Designer and Co Founder of BattleGoat Studios by email:

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Pumpkinseed.io is a boutique web design agency specializing in crafting and implementing an awesome web strategy for your business. Whether you’re a new or existing brand, our services cover everything from website design and build to social media management and content creation. That’s pretty much just a fancy way of saying we’ll convert your visitors into customers!

3rd Floor, 115 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 1A9


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HamOnt.js JavaScript conference this Fall

When: Saturday October 22nd 2016 from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Where: CoMotion On King at 115 King Street East (3rd floor)


Cost: $20 regular, $10 student (event includes lunch, drinks, snacks)


HamOnt.js is a new JavaScript conference… low cost and kick ass, featuring experts from within and abroad for a full day of talks… we would love for you to join us on Saturday October 22nd!

Before we finalize the speaker line-up, we would like to get your feedback on what topics you would like to hear about.  Please fill out this survey to help us make this conference a great experience!




Interested in giving a talk?  Fill out this application and we’ll get back to you shortly!



Interested in sponsoring?  E-mail for details!