Brüha launches ticketing platform

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Hamilton, ON – Local tech start-up, Brüha, launches the first version of its platform and is looking to tap into the event ticketing and entertainment industry. Brüha is an online based culture, entertainment and ticketing platform. Products include a Website, iOS, and Android applications.

If you are new to an urban area, passing through for a day or two, or even a life-long resident, finding venues to checkout and fun events to attend can be difficult. Magazines and other periodicals just can’t provide the true value of awareness and engagement. Sifting through multiple social media feeds can be a timely process that won’t always give you the results you need. That’s where Brüha ( saves the day! Keeping you connected to everything happening within your city.

Brüha provides a multi-accessible platform with two main avenues of use:

· First, for event professionals, venue owners, and entertainers; those looking for awareness, exposure and added visibility.

· Second, for the entertainment seekers, allowing them to explore and discover various events happening in their city.

Brüha has implemented an easy and simple user experience within their products. By enabling unique search and filtering capabilities, users can easily sift through content and find exactly what they are looking for. Brüha’s website and mobile applications have set an intimate vibe for users to explore events, venues, and organizations of interest. The best stories and experiences come from the serendipity of a connection. Brüha makes those stories and experiences memorable. Will you explore your city?

About Brüha:

Brüha is a local entertainment and ticketing platform that keeps you connected to events, venues and organizations within your local community. Brüha’s listing and map-interface will tag events, venue, and organization content as they are geographically located. With the implementation of IBM Bluemix cloud based technology, Brüha’s user experience and unique filtering capabilities make it easy to find specific categories, dates, admission price range, moods and even recommended listings. Whether you are a tourist visiting a new city or a local resident, Brüha provides a one-stop-shop that allows you to stay connected to your city.