Tammy Hwang wins DiFizen award

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Last night at Innovation Factory’s (@itbeginswithIF) annual Big DiF event Tammy Hwang (@tammyhwang) took home the Difizen of the Year award! The award recognizes one person who goes above and beyond for the innovation community in Hamilton.

There’s a lot of great people in the community working their asses off to make Hamilton a better place to innovate and grow companies, but it really couldn’t have gone to a better person than Tammy. I remember meeting Tammy just over 5 years ago at the first DemoCamp, and have worked together with her on various projects over the years (Startup Weekend, HIVE X, and now at CoMotion).

Tammy is one of those people who goes completely above and beyond their job description or expectations. You can get hired for a gig to help startups and do a great job, punching out after your 40 hours, and that’s wonderful. But you can also take it to the next level and make it something you live and something you lead, and that’s what Tammy does – whether it’s taking the lead role on bringing Startup Weekend to Hamilton, or making CoMotion happen. Tammy brings a wonderful Hamiltonian grit to everything she does too – when you’re going through the rapids, you’ll always be thankful that she’s on your team.

Big, big congratulations Tammy!


Kevin Browne

Editor of Software Hamilton.