Upverter CEO Zak Homuth talks this Wednesday


When: Wednesday May 16th 2018 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Where: CoMotion on King at 115 King St East, Hamilton, ON

Organizer: Electronics Hamilton Meetup

Register: meetup.com/Electronics-Hamilton-Meetup/events/250265610


The Upverter Journey: From Founding to Acquisition

Zak Homuth – Upverter CEO

I started my career as an in-the-trenches Software and Electrical Engineer doing everything from building web-apps through designing telecommunications server hardware. As a result I have a tremendous amount of experience as an engineer, but I don’t do much engineering anymore. When we started Upverter I gradually transitioned into a more executive role responsible for everything from recruiting, operations, management, product design, and strategy, to investor relations. Lately I’m focused on a blend of product, business and marketing strategy, senior management and product design at Altium the company that acquired Upverter.

At Altium I report to the CEO and am working closely with the executive team to recast Upverter and EE Concierge within Altium. We’re focused on a new type of customer since the acquisition and a new type of selling than we were doing before. I’m responsible for making sure those changes propagate throughout Upverter and into our products and services. Similarly the vision for Upverter and Altium has changed now that we are working together and I’m working closely with the CEO to craft that new vision, and the resulting strategic planning that comes as a result.

Before that, I founded Upverter and lead it through multiple funding rounds and expansion, attained profitability and negotiated the acquisition by Altium.

At Upverter I played the role of the classic startup CEO. I founded the company in a student residence based on my experience working as an electrical engineer at Sandvine. I was keeper of the vision and leader of the team. I designed the initial product, raised multiple rounds of funding, and hired the initial team. I lead the company to profitability and ultimately arranged and negotiated an acquisition by Altium an established public company in our market and our largest competitor.

I’ll tell the story of how that all came to pass, why we started Upverter, the good the bad, the ugly. As well as a demo of the Upverter design tool and how you can use it.