Syd Bolton has passed away at 46


Syd Bolton (@sydbolton) has passed away at 46.

Syd created the Personal Computer Museum (@vintagepc) in Brantford, Ontario, which featured an extensive collection of early personal computers. He was also the top video game collector in Canada, with over 15,000 titles in his collection, including “full sets” of every game ever produced for some of the major consoles. His expertise in these topics made him a frequent speaker and source of information for the media. Syd was also a community builder, hosting nights at the museum in Brantford to open up his collection and museum to the public and young people.

I got to meet him a couple years ago at the PC Museum. He had a real enthusiasm for what he was doing in terms of preserving computing history, he didn’t want it to be lost, and he wanted people to know the origins of what we have today. He also did things that were just flat out fun in the geekiest ways imaginable, like sending a Tweet from a VIC-20, a computer from 1981 with 5KB of RAM, and earning the record for the “oldest computer to send a Tweet”.

Losing Syd is a real loss for the computing and gaming world. Thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.



Kevin Browne

Editor of Software Hamilton.