Free Haskell workshop series this month at McMaster

Free and in-depth introduction to the Haskell programming language, offered in-person in the Networked Imagination Laboratory (NIL) and simulcast to the Internet (stream URL posted here soon)! We do this for the immediate benefit of ongoing research projects in the NIL (such as the SSHRC-funded project “Platforms and practices for networked live coding”) as well as to build the community around these awesome programming languages – all are welcome! Sessions build upon each other quickly – beginners should make sure to attend/follow along from the beginning.

Schedule of Sessions

Session #1 (Mon 27 Aug 10 AM – 1 PM): Functions, Types, Pattern Matching, Recursion, Algebraic Types
Session #2 (Mon 27 Aug 2 PM – 5 PM): Typeclasses, Higher Order Functions, Modules, Maps, Maybe, Either
Session #3 (Tue 28 Aug 10 AM – 1 PM): Functor, Applicative, Monad
Session #4 (Thu 30 Aug 10 AM – 1 PM): IO, Monad Transformers, FRP with Reflex
Session #5 (Fri 31 Aug 10 AM – 1 PM): Parsing, Examples from TidalCycles, Estuary, Inner Ear, etc



Kevin Browne

Editor of Software Hamilton.