IBM report on Watson-Mohawk partnership

IBM has released a case study report on the results of using IBM Watson Analytics into Mohawk College business courses.


“At the start of the course, Mohawk College asks students to explore a sample dataset provided by IBM. However, students soon move on to real-world datasets, and when they begin their field placements, they often take Watson Analytics with them. In many cases, students have been able to uncover valuable insights during these placements—raising the profile of the college and its students among local employers.

Andrea Paine—who is now on placement within the Financial Assistance office at Mohawk College—adds: “Watson Analytics has been very useful for uncovering trends. For example, analyzing historical data for peaks in demand is helping us understand when students are using services such as counseling, registrations and admissions. The aim is to ensure we always have the right number of staff available to help students in need.”

In another project, a group of Mohawk College students worked for a medical practice that aims to create a smartphone app to help arthritis sufferers manage their symptoms. The students surveyed a group of patients on the advice they would find most useful, before consolidating the data and generating a series of visualizations and reports. The results included several useful recommendations that the doctors had not previously considered.”