Weever Apps developer launching computer education center in Ecuador, requests supplies

Hello Software Hamilton readers!
My name is Garth Gutenberg and I am launching a new computer/maker lab in Olon/Manglaralto, Ecuador. We will be teaching children and adults how to program, work with hardware and more.
At the centre I will be teaching classes in programming, as part of a team of local volunteers in the community. Our goal in year 1-3 is for our very first students to become dedicated teachers at the centre.  Technical community programs like this have been very successful in other areas of the world.
The centre’s team will expose both children and adults to computers and programming, and provide the resources required for students to learn from us and use the best online learning resources effectively.
Our team will teach people in Ecuador how to achieve a better path than taking a backbreaking job for only $15 dollars a day.
To date, we’ve collected donations of 20 computers, so we’re good there!
Here is what we’re helping YOU can help us with:
– Raspberry Pis
– 3D printers
– Robotics kits
– …and other maker-type tools
If anyone has any of those things lying around collecting dust, (don’t we all?), I will happily take them off your hands and see them put to good use.
Garth Gutenberg
Please contact me at garth@weeverapps.com