Survey seeking input from tech businesses in “The Corridor”

The following survey was forwarded to Software Hamilton by Lucinda Wallace at Waterloo EDC to encourage participation from the Hamilton community…

Toronto Global and Waterloo EDC are jointly undertaking a foreign investment attraction strategy project in partnership with Hamilton and Guelph to explore how to best position and promote this interconnected region (AKA “the corridor”, see image above) internationally for foreign investment attraction.

The goal is to develop a framework that will allow us to strategically target and attract foreign companies that will contribute to strengthening this overall tech ecosystem that encompasses the entirety of the Toronto Region, Waterloo Region and the cities of Guelph and Hamilton.

The purpose of this survey is to gather insights from businesses already located in this tech ecosystem to assist in the development of this coordinated strategy. We thank you for your time and input towards this important initiative.

Please note this survey closes Jan 14, 2019.