Job Openings for Coding Bootcamp Instructor and Assistant

IEC Hamilton will be delivering a 12-week Coding Bootcamp program in partnership with Mohawk College.  The Coding Bootcamp program will introduce adult learners to introductory computer programming tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and WordPress.  The goal is to develop participants’ basic coding understanding while illuminating career paths in software and technology development. The program itself will be delivered at the Hamilton Public Library starting on April 8th 2019 for 12-weeks .

IEC Hamilton is looking to hire a Coding Bootcamp Instructor and a Coding Bootcamp Assistant.  The Coding Bootcamp Instructor is expected to lead the Coding Bootcamp by presenting, demonstrating, and explaining programming concepts to the students.  The curriculum will be provided in advance of the Coding Bootcamp, however by the hands-on nature of a Coding Bootcamp the instructor should be very comfortable creating and going over examples to help students where they need help as required.  The Coding Bootcamp Assistant will be expected to assist the instructor by helping students individually when they are stuck on programming problems.

Both positions will be 20 hours per week for the 12-week period of the Coding Bootcamp program.  The program is expected to repeat twice annually and there is an opportunity for the positions to be renewed for future Coding Bootcamp iterations.

As part of promoting the Coding Bootcamp program to potential students, IEC Hamilton will be running three introductory “try coding” workshops at the Hamilton Public Library (main branch).  At these workshops participants will be introduced to basic HTML and CSS and will be given the opportunity to apply for the full Coding Bootcamp program. The three workshops will take place:

– Tuesday, February 5: 9:30am – 12:30pm

– Thursday February 14: 1:00pm – 4:00 pm

– Wednesday February 20: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

We also require an Instructor and Assistant for these workshops, and would prefer that the same Instructor and Assistant that conduct these workshops also conduct the Coding Bootcamp itself.  If you can not conduct all of the workshops that is OK, but please send in your application to let us know which workshop(s) you would be able and interested in conducting.

Please also let us know in your application whether you are interested in the Instructor position, the Assistant position, or both.  You can send your resume to

Bootcamp Instructor Salary:  $38.00/hour

Bootcamp Assistant Salary: $18.50/hour

About Industry-Education Council of Hamilton

The Industry-Education Council (IEC) of Hamilton is a not-for-profit organization serving Greater Hamilton, since 1978. We are devoted to fostering partnerships between business, industry, government, community and education to support experiential learning opportunities for all learners, through quality mentoring. Funding from the Hamilton Community Foundation’s Edith H. Turner Foundation has made possible the development of a Coding Bootcamp program in partnership with City School by Mohawk College.

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