First ever EFF! Tales event on January 30th

When: Wednesday January 30th from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: CoMotion on King at 115 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario

Organizer: CoMotion on King



CoMotion presents a monthly celebration of turning moments when you exclaim “Eff!” Into tales of triumph.

Whether it’s your own fairytale of fail – your failtale – or slightly more profane, this event series is all about the importance of embracing mistakes and failing in life, but also how we learn, grow, overcome and eventually get better because of them.

Speakers at this event include:

  • Matt Johnston: CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Arts Brewing
  • Felicia Van Dyk: relationship builder at YWCA Hamilton who works with the Hamilton community to empower the lives of women, girls and their families
  • And the personas behind The Art of The Fail Podcast (an entertaining podcast where entrepreneurs and other interesting people talk about their journey) Chris Buttenham and Kristian Borghesan

The last Wednesday of every month, come out to CoMotion on King to hear Eff Tales from awesome leaders in the community and beyond, connect with like-minded people, and learn how effing up can sometimes be the best thing for you.