Global student hackathon at HPL this Saturday


When: Saturday December 2nd from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Where: Hamilton Public Library – Circuit 4.0 space (4th floor) at 55 York Boulevard, Hamilton, Ontario

Organizer: canCODE (@cancodecanada

Website: hackday.mlh.io/localhackday-aaac


MLH Local Hack Day is a 7 hour hack day at the Central Branch of the Hamilton Public Library brought to you by canCODE. On December 2nd 2017, students around the world will be simultaneously hosting their own MLH Local Hack Day at their school, resulting in the single largest day of student hacking ever.

Whether you’re a seasoned hackathon veteran or have never been to a hackathon before, MLH Local Hack Day is the best way to kick off the 2018 MLH Hackathon Season.


Small Business Hackathon this weekend

What are you doing this weekend?

On December 2nd-3rd @IntuitDev and QuickBooks is hosting its 2nd Small Business Hackathon at Devhub in Toronto.

The goal is to create a solution that will help small businesses to save time or money. Available APIs are Quickbooks and Square, and prizes are $5000 CAD,  Nintendo Switch and HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer. On top of that, we’re also giving away tons of SWAG and giveaways! If you check-in at the event before 10am, you might get a Phantom 4 drone, or a Google Home Mini…

So don’t miss out! Check out all the details and register here

Product Hunt Global Hackathon on November 18th


When: Saturday November 18th 2017 from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Where: McMaster Innovation Park at 175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton, ON

Organizers: obie.ai

Register: bruha.com/event/2411


We’re hosting the #HamOnt chapter of the Product Hunt Global Hackathon! Come work on your side project and be among peers.

View the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/126309104742600

More details here: https://www.producthunt.com/hackathon

More details to come VERY soon!


The Great Ham Jam video game hackathon



When: Friday February 12th – Sunday February 14th

Where: McMaster Innovation Park @ 175 Longwood Road South

Register: eventbrite.ca/e/the-great-ham-jam-2016-tickets-19195318715

Website: thegreathamjam.com


Hamilton’s Independent Game Jam “The Great Ham Jam” is a FREE, open-to-the-public event where the YOU the best video game makers come together for a 3 day, game making extravaganza!

Our goal is to raise awareness of the video game industry in Hamilton, bring community together and create epic content!

What is the Great Ham Jam?

The Great Ham Jam is Hamilton’s premiere game jam. The idea behind this new experience is that individuals of all skills and types gather under one roof and produce content that represents a game – whether it be of a board, card, video or other variety.


How does the Great Ham Jam work?

Over the course of two days (one working session per day), participants will have the opportunity to concept and then develop a playable game.

At the end of the second working session, our participants’ creations will be put on display for peer review and judging by their fellow creators, as well as our panel of awesome, handpicked judges.

Regardless of the creation, all participants will not only receive an award from Ham Jam for their creations, but they will be in the running for prizes based on several different categories and criteria, so stay tuned for more info on that.


What makes the Great Ham Jam so special?

The Great Ham Jam is much more than a competition – it is an experience which individuals of professional, indie and grassroots backgrounds can come together under one roof and share those skills they’ve learned in a fun and collaborative environment.

Over the course of the Great Ham Jam, everyone will have the opportunity to power level their developmental abilities and skills, establish new contacts and create new friendships – all while doing what they have a passion for and ending up with something they’d be proud to put on their family fridge.


HamJam first ever game hackathon this summer



When: Friday July 31st 2015 – Sunday August 2nd 2015

Where: McMaster Innovation Park @ 175 Longwood Road South

Register: eventbrite.ca/e/hamjam-tickets-16923769450

Organizer: Game Jam Hamilton (@GameJamHamilton)



Hamilton is quickly becoming the next big hub of game development and so we have decided it would be a great idea if Hamilton had it’s own 48hr Game Jam. This event will challenge game developers, increase their skills and help develop contacts all while having a lot of fun!

Come and join Hamilton’s FIRST game jam ever @ HamJam!


Hack-a-thons negatively correlated with job performance

Guest post by Kemal Ahmed (@carpetfortwo) of Communote (@communotey) [original article]




[P]rogramming contest winners are used to cranking solutions out fast and that you performed better at the job if you were more reflective and went slowly and made sure things were right.

I’m a huge advocate of hack-a-thons. Not enough students actively try to apply the knowledge that they’re learning and as a result, they forget it. They don’t know what it is useful for and they don’t enjoy it. When they try to practice what they’re learning, it makes more sense.Hack-a-thons are a really fun way of doing that. They have more experience working in teams and become more acquainted with the coding community. Before I continue, I want to make sure you know what a hack-a-thon is.

Hack-a-thon: (Noun) an event where people compete to build the coolest prototype of a product within 12-48 hours. They are judged by originality, completion, and quality of presentation. Often, there are bonus prizes for using technology by event sponsors. Sponsors also sometimes cover the cost of prizes, food, accommodations, transportation, and registration, making them a fun event for everyone. Most of the time, hack-a-thons are programming competitions.

Many feel like hack-a-thons take too much time out of school, but I think side-projects are part of education. They allow you to avoid the drama of scheduling multiple meetings to work on projects where either only half the group shows up or the group decides to have fewer meetings, so that everyone can attend every meeting. They also incentivize group projects which people don’t do enough of.

However, too many people see hack-a-thons as their only source of practical programming knowledge; their only side projects are at hack-a-thons. As a result, they don’t spend enough time practicing version control, unit testing, continuous integration, build automation, and code planning. There is so little time that developers rush to complete the project without thinking about how to build it sustainably. As a result, being good at programming competitions is said to be negatively correlated with being good on the job.