Hamilton Code Clubs

Scratch workshop for grades 4-8 next weekend


When: Saturday April 22nd 2017 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: Hamilton Public Library – Central Library (circuit 4.0 – zone 3), 55 York Boulevard, Hamilton, Ontario

Organizer: Hamilton Code Clubs program by IEC Hamilton (@IEC Hamilton)

Register: eventbrite.com/e/hamilton-code-clubs-scratch-workshop-tickets-33126795136


This is a beginner to middle level workshop for local Hamilton students in Grades 4-8.

Whether you are new to the world of ‘code’ or you want to ‘level-up’ your coding skills, this is your chance to create your own video game! Note: this workshop provides nutritional snacks and computers. All workshop attendees require a FREE Scratch account in order to participate. Bus tickets are available to those who require transportation. A parent/guardian must pick up their child at 4:00 pm.

This workshop experience offers local Hamilton students the opportunity to learn how to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to create a video game! The workshop will focus on the use of Scratch, an easy-to-use online platform where participants will learn the basics of software programming through recipe-style drag and drop technology. They will have the opportunity to explore various templates and add text, links, images and audio as they customize their very own video game! After the session, they will be able to continue to explore to develop their coding skills and even show you their masterpiece!

Volunteer for Hamilton Code Clubs


Are you interested in inspiring the coders of tomorrow? What better way to share your passion then facilitating a local Hamilton Code Club!

Hamilton Code Clubs is a program that was designed to spark an interest, in Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) to students in grades 4 – 8. It is currently being offered through the Industry-Education Council (IEC) of Hamilton, in partnership with Software Hamilton, and is actively recruiting adult volunteers that would be willing to assist in introducing simple software programming to our program participants.



We are looking for individuals that could assist with facilitating and mentoring the following programs:

  • 8-week core Hamilton Code Clubs (approximately one hour a week, for 8 weeks)
  • Saturday sessions (approximately 3.5 hours)

Volunteer mentors will receive the web-based platforms (i.e.: LightBot, HopScotch, Scratch, and Khan Academy) as well as the necessary information and support as they deliver a club.

This is your opportunity to mentor our future ICT professionals, in a fun and interactive learning environment.

Contact us to join numerous other folks, just like you, who have made a commitment to inspiring and introducing students to software programming!

Opportunity Location(s): Hamilton Central, Hamilton West, Hamilton East, Hamilton Mountain

Vulnerable Sector Check Required: Yes

Interested in running a Hamilton Code Club? Contact Sue Clarke today!

Susan Clarke, Program Manager
IEC of Hamilton



Students showcase code club creations


Hamilton Code Clubs (@hamontcodeclub) has been running showcase sessions in all of its code clubs over the past week!

Hamilton Code Clubs revolves around lunch hour and after school “learn to code” clubs where students are introduced to early computer programming skills using fun and free tools like Scratch, Hopscotch and Khan Academy. Students are introduced to these tools over several weeks via presentations from a mentor and working through walkthroughs. They learn the basic building blocks of programming like conditional statements and loops, mostly focused around drawing and animating since it’s most engaging that way.

The students are also given some weeks to build whatever they want to make. And I have to say it’s really, really cool watching the enthusiasm and engagement go into overdrive when they do. There’s something empowering for them about realizing that they can make the idea inside their head a reality on the screen in front of them, thanks to their new skill set. Instead of playing games, they’re making their own.

It’s cool because I suspect it will have enough of an impact for these kids that they will really remember it, and that for some it may even influence them enough to get into the industry one day.

After the students have built their creations, during the final week they show them off to their peers, mentor, teacher and in some cases parents too! It’s basically a DemoCamp for the kids in each of the 18 code clubs, and just as awesome!

Hamilton Code Clubs will be back next year, and expanding into more schools with our new funding too. Check out these photos from some the code clubs showcase events!


Parents watch kids at Queensdale (@Queensdale342) demo their creations!


A student presents his “Quest” game!


Another student presents his “Boat Race” game!


A student at St. Agnes shows off her music video animation!


Students at St. David demo what they’ve made for their parents!


A student demos his “Space Run” game!