IBM and HHS issue call for proposals


Hamilton Health Sciences and IBM are seeking proposals for exciting, innovative new projects aimed at improving the delivery of health care in our community and beyond.

The innovation exchange will focus on six key domains that are complementary to the Hospital Information System. The opportunity is to develop Ontario-based solutions, addressing challenges that impact patient experience, optimal workflow and patient health outcomes using cloud based enabling technology.

  1. Smarter Workflow
    • based  on mobile devices and Internet of Things, internal HHS workflows, transitions and patient flow.
  2. Patient Engagement
    • will transform the way in which patients and families interact with HHS, to reduce administrative costs and improve quality via self-care.
  3. Decision Support
    • using advanced patient similarity analytics, will enable greater segmentation of HHS patient populations to improve care planning and decision support.
  4. Predictive Care
    • Leveraging home based monitoring to create predictive models and risk profiling using structured and unstructured data to proactively modify care plans in advance.
  5. Managing Closer to Home
    • Will reduce demand via preventative and early readmission reduction models using telemedicine, home-health, mobile devices and patient engagement.
  6. Cognitive and Knowledge Synthesis
    • Addressing the 100,000’s of articles published annually, will enhance decision support, by combining EMRs and text-based clinical notes.

The deadline for submissions is no later than April 10.  For more information about applying, please click here

In March 2016, HHS and IBM announced the establishment of a new collaboration initiative known as the Innovation Exchange. This initiative will provide experts from HHS, IBM and other organizations a dedicated space to partner on innovation projects in support of healthcare transformation. IBM provides innovators – research scientists, industry & academic partners, start-ups and scale-ups – with technologies they otherwise would not have access to, to advance the pursuit of solutions to challenges in healthcare and other sectors.

For additional questions, please contact Ted Scott (scottted@hhsc.ca), the Chief Innovation Officer at Hamilton Health Sciences.


IBM and HHS press release and video



MARKHAM, ON and HAMILTON, ON, March 8, 2016 /CNW/ – IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) are joining forces to help area hospital clinicians, researchers, academics and entrepreneurs accelerate the development and commercialization of new healthcare innovations.

The two announced today plans to establish a new centre in downtown Hamilton focused on healthcare innovation. The centre – with both a physical and virtual collaboration space – will give area healthcare providers, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs advanced technology tools and expertise to improve healthcare outcomes and put Hamilton on the map as a hub for healthcare innovation in Canada. The target location for the centre is 100 King Street West. More than 300 HHS administrative staff will also move in to the same location this fall.

“Hamilton is among the top cities in Canada for health research innovation. When you combine that with the entrepreneurial spirit of our city, the possibilities are endless,” said Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger. “This partnership is proof of the growing platform we have here to launch new ideas and turn them into new products that improve health care and create the jobs of tomorrow.”

IBM is contributing access to an array of its Watson cognitive and analytics software, expertise in cloud computing and high-performance computing infrastructure, and a network of global collaborators. HHS, with its cadre of more than 1,500 principal investigators and research staff, provides practical industry expertise and a “real-world” test environment.

“Healthcare is facing tremendous challenges, and so we have to innovate in order to be sustainable,” said Rob MacIsaac, president & CEO, HHS. “We’re creating an innovation space that will attract others to bring their ideas and solutions to the table for deployment across our healthcare system. This multidisciplinary approach to innovation is the way of the future providing opportunities to transform healthcare in Hamilton, in Ontario, and potentially around the world.”

In two of the first projects, IBM and HHS will test how IBM Watson cognitive and analytics capabilities can be applied to HHS’ existing decision-support database, to provide insight into how patients use the healthcare system; they will also explore introducing a mobile component to add functionality and scalability to HHS’s early warning system, which electronically monitors a patient’s vital signs for subtle changes indicative of a worsening condition or pending medical event.

The facility will also be open to others including academics from HHS research partners McMaster University and Mohawk College, local start-up and scale-up businesses, and individual innovators who share the common goal of developing innovative healthcare solutions.

“We’re witnessing a convergence of market forces in healthcare that position this industry for massive transformation. This new era of cognitive computing and our Watson technology is enabling health care organizations worldwide to leap forward to advanced solutions spanning clinical research, patient care and population health and wellness,” said IBM Canada President Dino Trevisani. “By collaborating with Hamilton Health Sciences, we can foster discovery, accelerate commercialization and drive better healthcare outcomes that put Hamilton-grown, Canadian-grown, R&D innovation on the world stage.”



About IBM

IBM is one of Canada’s top ten private R&D investors, and in 2014 contributed more than $465 million to Canadian research activities. IBM has a unique approach to collaboration that provides academic researchers, small and large business, start-ups and developers with business strategies and computing tools they need to innovate. Areas of focus include health, agile computing, water, energy, cities, mining, advanced manufacturing, digital media and cybersecurity. IBM and its partners have in the past three years helped create 240 high-value jobs and launch more than three dozen new businesses. Please visit http://www.ibm.com/ibm/ca/en/canadian-innovation.html.


About HHS

Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is the only hospital system in Ontario providing specialty care to people throughout the entire life cycle – from pre-birth to old age. HHS cares for patients from across south central Ontario and beyond, with referral programs that include cardiac, stroke, burns, trauma, neurosurgery, pediatrics, digestive diseases, high-risk obstetrics, cancer, orthopedics and rehabilitation services.

Hamilton Health Sciences includes six hospitals and six specialized facilities, and has the largest healthcare team in Ontario with 15,000 staff, physicians and volunteers.

As a teaching hospital affiliated with McMaster University, HHS is also an international leader in hospital-based research and innovation and one of the top two hospitals in Canada in the amount of research funding it attracts. More than 1,500 investigators, scientists and research staff attract $300 million annually.


IBM and HHS announce partnership



Today at David Braley Research Institute at Hamilton General Campus, IBM and HHS announced a partnership!

Ted McMeekin (@TedMcMeekin) kicked off the event, acknowledging the importance of the different parties coming together for the future economic development of the region.




Next up was Rob MacIsaac (@RobMacIsaac), talking about leveraging the unique strengths of Hamilton Health Sciences in partnership with IBM to create products which can be made in Hamilton and sold globally.

Rob announced that HHS will be taking over 3 floors and moving over 300 admin staffers into the Stelco tower. A 4th floor will host a collaboration and innovation centre with IBM. The collaboration and innovation centre will be looking to work with startup businesses and Mohawk and McMaster researchers, in addition to projects between IBM and HHS.

Next up was IBM Canada President Dino Trevisan (@DinoTrevisani) to describe the partnership:


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