List of Hamilton community technology and startup blogs…


Alex Alywin (@alexaylwin) – Web development and infosec

BrainyWeb (@brainyweb) – Game development

Brave New Code (@BraveNewCode) – WordPress, company news

Brian Graham (@BrianJGraham) – Open data, technology, software

CanuckSEO (@JVRudnick) – SEO, startups, funding, Hamilton community

Carbonated (@CarbonatedInc) – Web design tips and more

Chad Fullerton (@Chad_Fullerton) – Digital marketing, social media, tech

Cobalt Connects (@CoBALTConnects) – Hamilton creative community

Dan Zen (@DanZen) – Creativity, social, mobile, web, awesome space rock

Duane Bender (@Duane_Bender) – eHealth blog

Enthuzr (@enthuzr) – Startup Weekend events, company news

Factor[e] (@factor_e) – Web, mobile, social, Hamilton community, company news

Gavin Schulz (@GsMaverick) – Open data, development

GreenPixel (@GreenPixelDev) – Game development

Heidi Siwak (@HeidiSiwak) – Innovating learning with technology in the classroom

Innovation Factory (@itbeginswithIF) – Startups, IF activities, innovation community (@parlar) – Blog by Jay Parlar about Python, tech and more (@JoeyColeman) – Open data

LinxSmart (@LinxSmart) – Web, mobile, design, marketing

Matt Grande (@mattgrande) – Ruby on rails

Mike Trpcic (@mtrpcic) – Web development, programming commentary

Open Hamilton (@OpenHamilton) – Hamilton open data community

Orbital Talks (@GetOrbital) – Mobile experience, community

Peapod Studios (@PeapodStudios) – Web design, company news

Peter Santos (@peterrsantos) – software developer blog

Peter Smith (@themeafordgroup) – Technology startups (@RyanMcGreal) – Software development, other topics

REfficient (@REfficient) – Creating a cleantech company

Serious Monkey (@seriousmonkeyca) – Web design

Simon Woodside (@sbwoodside) – Technology

Snakehead Games (@snakeheadgames) – Updates on their games

Startup Weekend Hamilton (@starthamilton) – Community and event news

Steve Veerman (@veerman) – Community content aggregation technology

Topic Simple (@TopicSimple) – Animation

Venture Accelerator Partners (@VAPartners) – Marketing, sales, startup tups

Web Weaving (@rgeraldporter) – Thoughts on the open web by the Co-founder and CTO of Weever Apps

Weever Apps (@WeeverApps) – Mobile web, company news

WITH (@WITHamont) – Women in technology Hamilton


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  • Carolynn Reid

    Ontario Digital Media Town Hall –
    Calling all Ontario Digital Media and screen-based companies, innovators and entrepreneurs to an important discussion on the future of our industry at Google Canada on February 26. For additional information see below:

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  • Carolynn Reid

    Creative Exchange, December 9th, 2014 at McMaster’s LiveLab

    We are very excited to announce that the McMaster Institute for Music & the Mind will be hosting the Creative Exchange in December! This Creative Exchange cannot be missed. The LiveLab is a one-of-a-kind research and recording facility on the McMaster University campus. The LiveLab is located in the Psychology Building (#34 on the following campus map), very close to the hospital, if you are coming in from the Main West entrance to the campus. For directions to the campus:

    Mark December 9th in your calendars, 5 to 7 p.m.

    The LIVE (Large Interactive Virtual Environment) Lab located in the Psychology Building at McMaster University is a unique 96-seat Research Performance Hall designed to investigate the experience of music, dance, multimedia presentations, and human interaction.
    The space includes Active Acoustic Control; Sound Recording Equipment; and measurement of behavioural responses (96 tablets), Movement (motion capture), Brain Responses (EEG), Muscle Tension (EMG), Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, and Sweating Responses (GSR) in up to 96 people at a time.
    The Creative Exchange is a casual networking event for professionals and entrepreneurs from the Film, Digital & Design Media and Music communities. Join us to reconnect with people or meet new contacts from this community.

  • Carolynn Reid

    Due to overwhelming demand for Interactive Ontario (IO) OIDMTC
    Post-budget Townhall, they have added a webinar option. Webinar participants
    will be able to follow along with the presentations and submit questions to
    the moderator.

    In this year’s provincial budget, the government released
    changes to the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit. The townhall
    will discuss these changes, which include updated eligibility requirements.
    As well, the OMDC will offer initial information about the renewed
    Interactive Digital Media Fund.

    OIDMTC Post-Budget Townhall

    May 28, 2015

    333 Bay Street
    Toronto, ON M5H 2S5 – 46th Floor

    tickets sold out

    Webinar: 5:00-6:30pm

    Register here for your free webinar ticket
    (details on how to access the webinar will be sent to registrants next week).

    Guest speakers:

    Jennifer Blitz, Director of Tax Credits and Financing
    Programs – OMDC

    Kristine Murphy, Director, Industry Development –

    Co-hosted by Interactive Ontario (IO) in partnership with KPMG, CMPA

  • Carolynn Reid

    Upcoming Ontario ICT Trade Missions to Key Markets
    Around the World

    Financial assistance for eligible companies may be available through and
    The missions are:

    Webinar on ICT opportunities in Jamaica: Wed. Sept 9 (10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m)

    Ontario ICT trade mission to India, October 26 – 31, 2015

    October 26-30: Ontario Digital/Mobile Solutions, and IoT Trade Mission to Japan and Korea (2 spots left)

    Nov. 4-5: Ontario ad:tech trade mission to Ad:Tech in NYC (3 spots left)

    Nov. 3-5: Ontario Web trade mission to Web Summit, Ireland (5 spaces left, $500 each)

    Feb 3-5: Ontario Ed:Tech trade mission to TCEA 2016, Texas

    March 1-2: Ontario cybersecurity mission to RSA 2016, San Francisco (4 spots left)


    Webinar on ICT opportunities in Jamaica: Wed. Sept 9 (10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m)

    Jamaica is the largest English-speaking island and the third largest Caribbean island
    with a population of approximately 2.71 million. The Information and
    Communications Technology (ICT) sector includes the need for computer hardware
    and software, systems and training, telecommunications and broadcast
    media. Postal services also form part of the overall sector. Cyber
    security is a major concern for government entities as well as the private
    sector and a framework is being developed around related technical measures,
    human resource and capacity building, legal and regulatory tools.

    The Ontario Government International Trade Branch is offering a webinar on
    opportunities in the ICT and Security sectors in Jamaica and the Caribbean
    markets. If you are an active exporter, join us for this webinar to hear
    detailed presentations from The World Bank (Washington, D.C. and Kingston,
    Jamaica), The Inter-American Development Bank (Washington, D.C. and Kingston,
    Jamaica) and the Canadian High Commission in Kingston, Jamaica.
    Details with


    Ontario ICT trade mission to India, October 26 – 31, 2015

    The International Trade Branch of the Government of Ontario, in partnership with
    the High Commission of Canada in New Delhi, the Consulate General of Canada in
    Mumbai and Bengaluru, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, and
    ITAC, will lead a mission of 6-12 Ontario companies and institutions in the
    Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to India from October 26 – 31,
    2015. The purpose of the mission is to help Ontario companies to develop a
    better understanding of the rapidly growing Information Technology and
    Telecommunication market and to assist Ontario companies to partner and access
    export opportunities in these sectors. The mission will visit Mumbai, Bangalore
    and New Delhi and participate in the CeBIT INDIA 2015 Trade Show. For more
    information, please contact Akhil Tyagi,


    October 26-30: Ontario Digital/Mobile Solutions and IoT Trade Mission to Japan and Korea

    The Government of Ontario, in partnership with Canada Embassies in Tokyo and Seoul,
    and Wavefront, invites you to join with us to visit Japan and Korea in late
    October. You will exhibit within the largest B2B ICT event (Japan IT Week
    Autumn) in Japan, attend pre-arranged B2B meetings (such as NTT Docomo,
    Softbank, KDDI and Toshiba, TBC in Japan)and networking receptions to meet with
    key prospects and clients in Japan and Korea. You will also receive market briefings in both countries.
    Two spots available. Details with


    Nov. 4-5: Ontario ad:tech trade mission to Ad:Tech in NYC (technology for the advertising sector)

    The Canadian Consulate in New York City and Government of Ontario invite you to be
    part of the Ontario trade mission to NYC’s ad:tech 2015 (
    Ad:tech is a trade show and conference that attracts over 7,000 professionals
    from the marketing, technology and media communities. The Canada-Ontario
    program includes turnkey exhibit space, market intelligence briefings, a
    pitching session, exhibition passes and databases of local potential clients.
    The delegation would feature eight companies featuring innovations in the
    mobile tech, big data, video & content and new ad platforms. Deadline to
    submit payment is August 14, 2015. Applicants must
    demonstrate how their tech drives better traction, more efficient ROI or
    unlocks new revenue streams for the Media & Adg industry. Please process
    the attached application form; you will be contacted for a consultation to
    determine your company’s suitability in the mission. Cost: $2,500 plus your own
    travel and accommodation. Details with


    Nov. 3-5: Ontario Web trade mission to Web Summit, Ireland

    The Ontario government’s International Trade Branch will participate with an
    Ontario delegation in the Web Summit Dublin (, November 3-5, 2015. The Web
    Summit Dublin has grown, in the 4 years since its inception, to 22,000
    attendees from more than 100 countries. Within four
    years Web Summit has become one of the world’s most influential and
    international tech events. This year Web Summit 2015 will showcase over 500
    world-renowned speakers, 10 stages including the Digital Marketing, Internet of
    Things, Enterprise, and Builders Summits, 2,000 worldwide startups invited to
    exhibit their ideas, 200+ satellite events, 1,000 experienced investors, and
    800 of the best tech journalists. For three days this November, Dublin will
    once again become the international tech capital. Cost to participate in
    the Ontario/Canada pavilion: $500. Web Summit is a very expensive event to
    attend and participating with Ontario will provide substantial savings. Details


    Feb 3-5: Ontario Ed:Tech trade mission to TCEA 2016, Texas (technology for the educational sector)

    The Government of Ontario’s International Trade Branch invites you to be part of
    the Ontario Ed:Tech trade mission to the Texas Computer Education
    Association conference and exhibition (
    TCEA 2016 is a major event that allows to
    connect with PreK-12 educational technology decision-makers. The event brings
    together more than 8,000 qualified education professionals who evaluate,
    recommend, specify or approve purchases for their schools and districts. Eight
    new and established companies will have the opportunity to exhibit in the
    Ontario Pavilion (#2227) and receive several value added services including an
    up-to-date database, promotion at the Ontario Business Reception and a market
    intelligence briefing. If yours is a company with an innovative software
    solutions for the Ed:Tech market, this mission will be of interest to you. Cost
    per company: $1,500 for first time participants in an Ontario IT mission to
    the U.S. (deadline for “Early Bird” is October 31, 2015). Regular fee is
    $2,000. Details with


    March 1-2: Ontario cybersecurity mission to RSA 2016, San Francisco

    The Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC and the Government of Ontario’s
    International Trade Branch invite you to be part of the planned two-day
    trade mission to RSA 2016 ( RSA is the premier
    annual information security conference in cyber security including cyber
    threats, data breaches, social engineering, compliance, risk management and
    cloud security. The program is open to ten Ontario companies. It would include
    meetings with delegations from Israel, Germany, Washington DS and Silicon
    Valley, a market intelligence briefing with Industry Canada and Public Safety
    Canada, a breakfast with members of the C100 and one full conference pass to
    RSA. This mission WILL NOT include exhibit space for the delegation;
    however, there may be a 10×10 information booth for Ontario-Canada. Deadline to
    apply: asap. Cost per company: US $1,000 plus your own travel and
    accommodation. Details with