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When: Tuesday February 4th, 2014 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Where: Mohawk College – The Arnie Student Pub (135 Fennel Avenue West)

What: DemoCamp is an event format that involves a keynote speaker, about 5 software demos which each consist of 5 minutes of actually demoing the software and 5 minutes of Q&A, followed by general socializing with the good company in attendance.



Keynote Speaker



Adrian Duyzer


CTO of factor[e]




Adrian is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at factor[e]. As the leader of a team of dedicated technical professionals, his roles range from hands-on development and engineering work to project management, strategy development and consulting.

Adrian graduated from the Computer Science – Software Engineering programme at Mohawk College in 2000. He has over fifteen years of professional development and project management experience, ranging from large and complex database-driven systems, to fun experiments and mobile applications. When it comes to software development, Adrian values the combination of an amazing user experience with technical robustness, reliability, and precision.

Adrian is also the Associate Editor of Raise The Hammer.





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Demo 1
Apptui – adaptive remotes that instantly control the apps and websites you love.


Demo 2
Mohawk students Nino Dragic and Julian Villella are building a social mobile application that lets people take on challenges which they can then share with the world. Users will be able to pick challenges they like, then record themselves performing it. They will also be able to challenge others and explore newly created videos.


Demo 3
Tivitas Interactive, an Ontario-based designer and manufacturer of precision gaming accessories, will show off their premiere haptic gaming device, Sinister. Using ViviTouch’s revolutionary haptic feedback technology, Sinister offers gamers a truly sensational gaming experience unlike anything they have ever felt before.


Demo 4
We do hours of Analysis in Seconds. WealthManager compiles massive amounts of financial, historical and real-time data into its analysis, giving you instant insight into the quality of a stock – without having to do all the work yourself.


Demo 5
Mohawk College AI Club is a social group for programming enthusiasts using AI Challenges to promote Software Development. The AI Club has created a battleship competition which allows students to compete against each other in a friendly environment.


Demo 6
Devocracy.org is web app for students to crowdfund their own scholarship. It has a school database, currently software development bootcamps, with interactive sortable maps and statistics to help students find their ideal school and funders support the students of their choice.