DemoCampHamilton9 Details

When: Tuesday November 20th, 2012 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

Where: Twelve Eighty Pub @ McMaster University – 1280 Main Street West Hamilton, Ontario

Tickets: Sign up here

DemoCamp is an event format that involves a keynote speaker, about 5 software demos which each consist of 5 minutes of actually demoing the software and 5 minutes of Q&A, followed by general socializing with the good company in attendance. Send inquiries to democamp@softwarehamilton.com.


Keynote Speaker

Carol Leaman
CEO & President of Axonify Inc.

Axonify (@Axonify) combines principles of behavioral science with the best qualities of gamified and social software to result in a new approach to e-learning and employee awareness—one that empowers organizations to train faster, retain information effectively and perform better. 

Carol Leaman (@CarolLeaman) brings more than 20 years of leadership and technology executive experience to the company as she has a history of building start-ups into multi-million dollar successes. 

Most recently, Carol sold PostRank to Google after growing the company from a cool, free web tool, to a unique, customer-centric social media play in 2011. Prior to PostRank, she helmed RSS Solutions (enterprise class manufacturing software), and Fakespace (a high-end virtual reality company). She took Fakespace from $3 million to $30 million in revenue before orchestrating its acquisition in 2003, and sold RSS Solutions in 2006.




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Demo 1
Cash in your closet or shop closets full of styles you love & savings you adore! Trend Trunk (@TrendTrunk) is a trusted social marketplace where you can buy, sell and donate your fashionable and pre-loved clothing & accessories


Demo 2
Established in 2008, Hard-Circle (@HardCircle) is a small, indie video game company located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Hard-Circle will demo “Project: Rush” a new installment in the successful Commando franchise by Miniclip.


Demo 3
TurnChannel (@TurnChannel) – Discover the best Electronic Dance Music you probably never heard of from upcoming artists. A discovery tool to promote independent EDM artists.


Demo 4
NextBus is a mobile applicaiton that helps you quickly find the next bus times in Hamilton.


Demo 5
Advancements in mobile handset technology have opened a new world of opportunity for businesses wishing to connect the physical world with digital content. The start-up I am a part of is committed to providing the most robust solutions, enabling businesses and marketers to deploy programmed NFC (near-field-communication) tags in mass and across a wide range of target materials. We have the ability to capture unique customer data and streamline opt-in for subsequent communication is far superior using NFC than using earlier technologies such as QR Codes.

Demo 6
TripCentral.ca (@TripCentral) is excited to demo a newly redesigned tool on our website called the tour finder which allows customers to quickly and easily find coach and river tour vacations throughout the world.