McMaster Innovation Showcase 2011

When and where: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 2, 2011 at McMaster University, CIBC Hall
Full details and tickets:

From idea to proof, innovators are constantly challenged to find the meaningful path through competing options. The 2011 McMaster Innovation Showcase will give innovators the tools and knowledge they need to draw out the potential of their discoveries and inventions.

Specifically this year’s event will feature:

Keynote address by Dr. Robert Cooper: the world’s top innovation management scholar, his Stage-Gate system for product innovation is used globally

Starting Points: learn about McMaster’s ready-to-commercialize discoveries and inventions

Make the connection: discover the techniques McMaster’s leading innovators use to raise funding

Finish the picture: hear from several firms that have successfully adopted McMaster inventions

Poster competition, highlighting inventions and discoveries with commercial and social potential

A closing wine and cheese reception featuring the 2011 McMaster Innovator Awards

Breakfast and lunch also included with your registration

Open Hamilton: Google Fusion Tables Workshop

Register here:

Want to create open data? Want to be a data visualization superstar? Want to learn new efficient ways of managing data?

Join Open Hamilton for our first workshop:

“Using Google Fusion to understand data”

The timing for the course is:

Wednesday May 25
7pm – 9pm
25 Dundurn St N, Hamilton

The workshop will teach how to take a City of Hamilton financial spreadsheet and create visualizations of the financial figures.

The dataset for is the City Council expense spreadsheets for 2008 and 2009. (The 2010 figures are not yet available

The data provided by the city is in their “raw” ledger format which includes Excel macros and formatting.

Learn how to take this data and visualize it as open dta.

The steps being taught are:

1) Conversion of data from Excel into a machine readable CSV
2) Cleaning of financial categories using Google Refine
3) Modification of the spreadsheet into lines of data using tools provided Stanford University’s data visualization lab
4) Importing into Google Fusion Tables
5) Visualization using Fusion Tables
6) Uploading into a cloud server for use by others via API

Registration for the course will be limited to 20 people and there is no cost for attendance.

PLAN iT contest for Hamilton entrepreneurs, innovators, and students

Presented by McMaster University’s Xerox Centre for Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Innovation Factory

PLAN iT is a new opportunity for Hamilton entrepreneurs, innovators, and students to submit their original business plans and compete for major prizes in a process of learning, developing, and making connections.

McMaster University’s Xerox Centre for Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation (XCEEi) and Innovation Factory (iF), have come together to develop a business plan competition that will engage McMaster’s students with Hamilton’s entrepreneurial community.

Participants from across the Golden Horseshoe region are invited to participate by submitting an early stage business plan for consideration in the competition. Up to 50 competitors will be accepted to attend a half-day lecture series at McMaster, with professors from the MTEI program educating participants on how to perfect their plan and move to the next step in creating a business. Competitors will also have the opportunity to network with investors and VIPs from McMaster and Hamilton while discussing their ideas at an exclusive dinner reception held on June 22, 2011 where the top 10 business plans will be awarded with technology prizes and the opportunity to receive a $5000 scholarship to the MTEI program. Additionally, a $5000 cash prize will be awarded to the top social innovator in the competition.

PLAN iT will also serve to promote XCEEI’s newest program: the interdisciplinary Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI). MTEI is a unique program involving entrepreneurship teams that draw expertise from all disciplines to develop start-up plans for technology-based businesses.

The online submission deadline is June 1, 2011.

Full contest rules, regulations, and criteria can be found at

AppsForHealth Pre-Event Mix & Mingle announced!

Here’s your chance to brainstorm about your challenge, meet fellow participants, and mingle with other innovative people – come to the Pre-Event Mix & Mingle!

Thursday, May 19th, 2011
The London Taphouse – 31 John St. S, Hamilton
Google Map

Appetizers will be provided
Cash bar

Recruit and bring a new registrant to the Mix & Mingle, and you will both receive a Starbucks gift card!

Click here to RSVP: Challenge

The AppsForHealth2011 event is a student competition sponsored by NSERC that will bring together cross functional teams from Colleges and Universities in Canada. Teams will include health care and technology students working together. Each team will compete to offer technological solutions to real-world challenges sponsored by health care organizations for a chance to win cash and prizes.

Each Challenge Sponsor will document and post a problem to which they believe a technological solution may be of value. Challenge Sponsors will provide access to relevant clinical material and be available to answer questions as they arise.

Details can be found at Register now to receive updates as prizes and challenges are added!